Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Trial Run

First Ranger cleaned, based and primed.  Going to use this model as a test run for the rest of my Rangers.

First coat of colour on the cloak applied.  I used the GW foundation paint Orkhide Shade.

Started applying Mordian Blue for on the armour plates.

The leather gloves and boots I've applied a coat of Graveyard Earth.  The helmet is Iyandian Yellow.  Not sure what I am going to paint the gun and ammo clips.  I plan to paint the back pack a mixture of green and leather as used already.  That leaves the hoses and leather straps then to paint.  Not sure what colours to paint them either.  I think the remaining leather straps need to differentiated from the boots and gloves, not sure whether to go lighter or perhaps a reddish brown.  As for the gun I might wait until I develop some of the colours I have down before I start it.  I was thinking of painting the gun wraithbone but I may end up making it darker depending on how the highlights on the camo clock turn out.  Anyway think I'm going to call it a night.  Hopefully I will get another hour or so tomorrow to plug away at the model.  I got to say its nice to pick up a brush again.  Its been nearly three months since I last painted.


  1. Is the yellow helm a specific design feature for Alaitoc Eldar or is that just a personal choice?

  2. Ya the yellow helmet is an Alaitoc colour.