Sunday, November 21, 2010

Escalation League Part II

Ok so the rules of the league have been hammered out as follows:

- It will progress monthly
- Month 1, 200 points using the Kill Team rule set from Battle Missions.
- Month 2 500 points with the following requirements:
     - 1 HQ choice
     - 1 + Troop choice
     - no selection from the Heavy slot
- Month 3 750 points, game on, standard force org.
- Previous unit selections must be kept month to month.  Units may only be upgraded.  Never downgraded.
- Each subsequent month 250 points until we reach 2000 points (7 months in total).
- There will be seven teams


-  There are 5 categories that will be scored at the end league.
     - Best painted/converted single model
     - Best painted army
     - Best story/fluff/army progression
     - Best sportsmen
     - Most number of wins.
-  With respect to the final category, we will be required to play one official game a month.
-  Each month you will have to challenge someone different in the group.
-  We will be scored by our opponents on the above criteria between a scale of 1 to 5.
-  No one person can win more than two categories at the end of the league.
-  Once a month every person will put in ten dollars to the prize fund.
-  At the end of the league we will have roughly $100 prize to give out per category.
-  Any money won, must be spent on furthering the hobby at our local gaming store.

So I met last night with the group to hammer out the rules.  As it stands we will have the following armies:

  - Eldar (me) - Alaitoc with a focus on rangers, scorpions and war walkers
  - Space Marines - Ultra Marine drop pod army
  - Orcs - Some kind of mech boy list where kans are troop choice (from imperial armour)
  - Chaos Demons - Strong focus on khorne
  - Nids - not sure on the theme yet
  - Tau - focus on battle suits and no kroot allowed
  - Dark Eldar - Hellion sky board army with the Duke HQ

So the above lists are not standard or hard.  The idea is that we will focus the league on creating armies more thematic in nature than competitive.  Hence only one of the five scoring options are for actually winning games.  The primary focus then is to focus on the hobby as a whole and produce a well painted 2000 point army.  In addition we all have been talking about pushing into the Apoc levels once we complete the 2k points.

With respect to this blog, I will be trying to host a forum to allow us all a common place to gather and report our progress.  Not exactly sure how to do this but I have until Jan 1, 2011 to get the blog up to speed.  It may end up that I will simply just give access to the the other members of the group to post on the blog.  I also need to figure out a away to incorporate google calendar with the blog so that we might all coordinated our different schedules and see when each of us are playing each other.  

I forgot to mention that we will have to write a short blurb explaining the fluff/back story to each list we make.  As well, we will be responsible to write up a battle report after each official battle.  I will then post those along with any photo's that were taken of any given game.

I am extremely excited for this tourney, as it will provide a solid foundation to build a complete and painted army.  Personally I'm going to focus on the Eldar.  In particular, the idea I am toying with is an Alaitoc strike force.  I want a strong scouting force that go in and secure any given objective.  They then call in support  from the main Alaitoc war host with a rapid response team (ie mech wing of avengers, dragons and storm guardians).  I've also been looking at building my list with a mind to Apoc data sheets.  In particular the shadow sect of Karandras and the shadow walker formation.  I've also got my eye on a titan or two...

Anyway I will update shortly with my progress on getting this blog up to speed to help facilitate this new league.

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