Saturday, October 29, 2011

Random Necrotic Thoughts

I picked up the new White Dwarf this morning and just finished reading the included battle report between 4k of new Necrons and the Ultramarine/Alaitoc alliance (2k each respectively).  What immediately impreased me was that the Necrons did not win.  I've always suspected that the end result of these matches in WD was predetermined to see the new model range consistently come out on top.  Not the case here.  The army's actually selected (at least from the Eldar perspective) were not very optimal, but they rarely are in a WD.  I take it the reasoning is to showcase a model range vs an optimal build.  With all that aside it was a fun read.  I for one enjoy reading WD every month.  I'm a sucker for glossy pictures and I enjoy the painting articles. I understand its the primary vessel to advertise GW products but c'est la vie, I shell out my 10 dollars monthly and don't regret it.

I really like how GW is making it possible to build different units with the same kits.  Namely the Immortals/Deathmarks, Lych guard/Praetorian, Command/Annihilation Barge and the Ghost/Doomsday arc.  I'm hoping this is a trend that might be extended to the Eldar when they get their release one day in the future.  I'm no economist but combining the kits might make it feasable to produce plastic aspect warriors in the future.  Scorpion/Warp Spiders could share the same heaver armour with variations for weapons and heads or Banshees/Fire Dragons could be combined in a similar fashion.  Each box would allow you to make a hth or shooty unit.  Ultimately I'm hoping that the Eldar get the plastic treatment.

This may all be wishful thinking though as the recent fine cast release of the Aspect range may indicate that GW does not have plans for reworking this particular model range.  It seems that GW produces its models well in advance to releasing an update: so if the rumor mill is correct a new Eldar book for next year would mean that the new Eldar range of models coming down the pipe are already completed.  I hope this is not the case as I've grown to dislike metal models and I'm hoping to make the transfer to plastic with the advent of a new book.

I do believe that the change in direction for the Necrons does highlight a close connection between the Black Library and GW game design group.  We were given a glimpse of the critical thinking Necron in the Fall of Damnos novel along with how flayed ones and destroyers were going to be developed.  This connection was also seen in the Salamander series of books and the Dark Eldar codex release.  So why am I thinking about this intimate tie between the two GW studios.  Well, I think that the Gav Thorpe novels featuring the Eldar may give us a glimpse of what might be included in a future a Eldar codex release.  A couple of ideas that first spring to mind are the following:

1) The ability to sacrifice an Exarch to 'reserect' a Phoenix Lord (as seen in the finale of Path of the Warrior).
2) The Farseer gaining a power to grant preferred enemy (as depicted in Path of the Seer during the farseer's duel with a Librarian).
3) Rangers/Pathfinders being able to deploy webway portals that aspect warriors can reserve out from (again described in Path of the Seer).

Just ideas to be sure but heck its a fun exercise.

One parting thought that I would like to leave with is that the latest WD has exasperated a pet peeve of mine.  Again the Eldar are treated as the 40k whipping boy.  In a minor reflected image of the 13th crusade, on the game table the Eldar save the day, yet in the fluff they get the short end of the stick.  The last assault described is between Farseer Starbane with the support of a lone Avenger Exarch and a squad of Necron warriors.  The two Eldar models manage to win combat and claim the last objective to give the allies the win.  Hooray for Eldar they save the day.  Yet in the parting fluff Farseeer Starbane is taken captive by both the Necron overlord and Sicarius (who by the way took a shot to the face and went down mid game).  Petty on my part but hey, I would like to see the background story provided reflect the results of the game.

At any rate, just random thoughts.  The end result is that I'm excited to face a new legion of undead on the table top.  Over and out.

Monday, October 10, 2011

2k Flesh Tearers vs Ultramarines

Got a game in against a friends ultramarine army the other day.  The end result was a tie, though I was on the ropes the whole game.  I'm not going to go into the match itself; rather, I just wanted to post some pictures of the amazing paint job my opponent has done.  I wish I managed to get some more photo's and plan to do so in the future.  Anyway I got three up close shots as follows:

Take a close look at the freehand work done on the dozer blade.  Simply unreal.  The landraider is not finished but you can see the work being done with more amazing freehand work.  The last shot just shows the standard the army is painted to.  It was a real pleasure playing this army and seeing how far a guy can take this hobby.

That's all for now, painting for me has slowed down but is still plugging along.  Still working on getting my first 1k painted to completion.