Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Incubi and Arhra the fallen Phoenix Lord

Just stumbled across this leaked photo of the new incubi.  Man do they look good.  I've got to say I'm tempted to start up a Dark Eldar force if the rest of the new model range looks as good.  I'm particularly interested in whether or not the new codex will advance any of the fluff around Arhra.  I always figured that it was likely there was some connection between him and the Dark Eldar incubi.  While the photo is blurry, the addition of the horns on the new incubi models certainly suggests a chaos mutation aspect might be introduced to the incubi fluff.  This might support the idea that Arhra is connected to the incubi as he is apparently: "The fallen Phoenix who burns with the dark light of Chaos."  I think this connection is further supported by the recent book Path of the Warrior where it was reveled that a Dark Eldar was accepted into a Striking Scorpion shrine on Alaitoc for some apparent reason.  

While unsubstantiated my understanding of Dark Eldar rumors is that Chaos will play some sort of role in the new codex.  I don't remember where I read it but apparently mandrakes are being reworked to include some forms of mutations.  However the problem with rumors is that they are just that, rumors.  There is also word floating around the rumor mills that Harlequins will play a role in the new Dark Eldar codex as well.  If this is the case then it is not likely they would align themselves with anyone that exhibited signs of chaos mutations.  As for the inclusion of Harliquins in the Dark Eldar codex, it is said that Harliquins are a unifying force for the different Eldar factions.  There was also mention once in a WD where the Harliquins brokered an alliance between Eldar and Dark Eldar when faced with an overwhelming chaos demon force.  So who knows what is in store with the release of the new codex.  One thing is for certain, if there is any form or manner in which Eldar and Dark Eldar might be allies through Harliquins then this fool will soon be parted with some hard earned cash.

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