Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Work in progress

Managed to get some work done on my rangers.  I like the way the gun turned out, looks organic.  I want to work on the yellow bits, the eye piece and the base.  Then I think I will call the model done.  Hopefully now that I have my colour's down the other 4 will go quicker.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Road Map

So I fought very hard these last few days an urge to switch up my army for the escalation legue.  At one point I was going to scratch the stealthy theme and go with a pure mech list.  Then I almost decided to scrap the Eldar altogether and go back the the Flesh Tearers.  I've persevered however and have come up with a road map on how I plan to develop the army as we increase the point values monthly.  The following is what I have come up with.

Kill Team


5 Pathfinders


5 Striking Scorpions

500 Points:


1 Autarch with Scorpion Sword, Fusion Gun, Warp Spider Pack, Mandiblaster


7 Striking Scorpions + 1 Exarch with Biting Blade and Stalker

Fast Attack:

5 Warp Spiders

750 Points:


4 Avengers + 1 Exarch (mounted in Wave Serpent with twin linked Brightlances and Spirit Stone)


9 Striking Scorpions +1 Exarch as above

1000 Points:


7 Avengers +1 Exarch with Bladestorm, Dual Catapults (mounted in same Wave Serpent as above)


5 Fire Dragons (mounted in Wave Serpent with twin linked Shuriken Cannons and Spirit Stone)

1250 Points:


Upgrade Scorpion Exarach with Shadowstrike


2nd 5 man Pathfinder squad


Night Spinner

1500 Points:


Farseer with Doom, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding


Add one more Avenger model


2 Warwalkers with Eldar Missile Launchers

Total Points: 1500.

I think the list is fairly fluffy along the Alaitoc theme.  In addition I think that it is not horribly uncompetitive as far as hybrid lists go.  There is quite a bit of redundancy with my anti-tank plus I have some ability to seize objectives late game with the Avengers, all while holding on to any objectives in my own zone with my Pathfinders.  The general plan (once I get up to 1.5k) is to entrench the Scorpions and Pathfinders in my deployment zone  objectives with the Scorpions acting as a counter assault unit.  The Walkers will set up in an opposite corner using their scout move to try and keep at a 48' range and act as a distraction to split my opponents fire.  I will try and hide Night Spinner as best as possible and exploit its barrage ability.

That leaves the mobile wing of my list to rush a flank.  As far as that goes, the plan is to deepstrike the Autarch along with the Spiders wherever my opponent has the weakest presence on the board.  Once their deepstrike results are worked out and the models are on the table, the two wave Serpents will rush forward to provide support/cover.  The Farseer will ride with the Avengers and Doom choice targets throughout any given game.  Plus the singing spear will do in a pinch if I need extra anti-tank.  Not bad as far as lists go.  The bonus is that I have the models and currently most of them are already half painted.  Bring on the New Year!

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Climb that ladder

Worked some more on my rangers and on course to having the base coats done by this weekend.  I may end up changing around my kill team list though by replacing the Scorpions with Wraithgaurd.  After reading up on some Fritz40k articles on running a Harlequin army I may end up changing the theme of my list overall.  The idea would be to set up a screen of Harlequins followed by a wall of Wraithguard.  Throw in a couple of Wraithlords for long range anti-tank.  Then throw Eldrad in the mix.  Finally 2-3 squads of pathfinders to hold back objectives.    Nothing is set in stone as of yet but needless to say I did pick up a box of Harlequins this morning...

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Some Progress

Man this last week has been a rough one.  Trouble at work (largely my doing) and deathly ill.  Tried to get back on the wagon last night.  All that I did; however, was base and prime my kill team models.  Still every little bit helps.  Also thought I would finish painting the base coats on the rangers before I start highlights.  The colours are not very unique but I like them.  All but for the black on the sniper rifle.  I'm thinking that I might try replacing the black on the gun and hoses with deneb stone on my next ranger.  Then give it a heavy wash  with devlin mud and try highlighting with wraithbone.  Hopefully next weekend I will have the 5 Rangers ready to highlight.  Time is definitely not on my side these days...