Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eldar 1850 Tournament List

My local store is holding a 1850 tournament in October that I'm thinking about signing up for.  I put the following list together after reading some good articles on Eldar tanks on 3+++

Farseer - Singing Spear, Runes of Warding, Doom

2 x 5 Fire Dragons - Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Shuriken Cannons, Stones

2 x 9 Avengers - Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Shuriken Cannons
10 Storm Guardians - Warlock, Singing Spear, 2 Fusion Guns, Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Shuriken Cannons
5 Avengers (ride in the Falcon)

3 Vipers - Shuriken Cannons x 2

Falcon - EML, Holo-Field, Stone, Shuriken Cannon
2 Fireprisms - Shuriken Cannon

Total Points 1848

Total Infantry: 47 models
Total Tanks: 8 + 3 Vipers
Potential strength 6 shots a round: 57
Potential strength 8 shots a round: 15
Potential strength 9 shots a round: 2 (not including Fireprisms)
2 pie plates from the Fireprisms offer 4 shooting options (2 strength 5 large blasts, 2 strength 9 small blasts, 1 strength 6 large blast, 1 strength 10 small blast)

I probably should slim down my Avenger squads to 5 man each but I like having extra bodies available should I lose a serpent.  Not sure if I agree with skipping on giving all the serpents stones, but I though I would try it out.  The idea is to strike at isolated segments of the opponents force with focused fire.  I have three dedicated units that can potentially pop av 14 (the Farseer will ride with the Storm Guardians).  While I've seen lists that put out much more strenth 6 shots, 57 a turn is nothing to complain about.  Any tanks that get popped by the Dragons or Guardians will have their disembarked troops open to a devastating torrent of fire that on average hits on 4+ and wounds on 2+.    The Falcon is mainly there to act as a defensive scoring unit. Then there is the combined firepower of the Fireprisms that add some nice flexability to your shooting options during a game turn.  Rounding it all out is the force multipler provided by the Farseer and Doom.  I was thinking that Guide might be better as Doom is some what over kill with the volume of strength 6 shots.  The problem is who do I guide.  I don't have a single unit that puts out a lot of shots; rather, they are spread out throughout the army.  I figure Doom works better for an all comers list especially should I face some MC's such as nids or daemons.


  1. I think taking out the little 5 man squad of Avengers and giving those Serpents Stones would benifit you more than a footslogging unit of 4+ armour. If you want a unit to sit on your table edge and claim an objective, use Rangers/Pathfinders. Further, I feel that the old cliche of Eldrad over your Seer would be a benifit to you, or even giving your Seer Sprit Stones and Guide. Use the unit of Storm Guardians with your Farseer in synergy with a unit of Dragons or Avengers using Bladestorm to make sure you are killing squishy targets or drastically softening up harder targets (TH/SS Termies etc) as much as possible. Besides that I don't see a lot wrong with the list. Only problem is if you get in CC you have nothing to counter with, but hopefully you'll be playing to avoid it.

  2. Thanks for the comment man. The 5 man avenger squad rides in the Falcon, sorry I should have mentioned that. I love Eldrad but I just don't have the points for him. I wanted to focus the list on having as much s6 shots as possible after reading some articles on 3++. I'm thinking though that I might drop a Serpent with 9 Avengers (I mistakenly put 10 avengers in the list above. It should have been 9 per serpent) and replace it with another 5 man Dragon squad in a Serpent. This would give me 24 points to play with. For stones or what not. I lose my 4th scoring unit though.

    The other option is to simply just drop one of the Avenger Serpents completely. That would leave me with 224 points to buff the rest of the army. Perhaps upgrade my Farseer to Eldrad and kit out the Avengers with Bladestorm. Also with those points I could beef up the 2 Dragon squads. The problem then becomes I lose 6 strength 6 shots a turn and a durable tank. This might be ok when you consider the list gains a bladestorm better pyscics and more melta gun shots.

    As for close combat, ya the plan is to kite and stay away from any cc. While I don't profess to be a veteran in any form, the small number of games I have played has shown that Eldar just don't cut it in close combat with the current state of 5th edition.