Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Flesh Tearer Army

My new army is in the mail.  Kinda wish I did not get so many rhino's painted up.  Really digging the Storm Ravens.  I think my first game will include the two ravens.  Death Company in one and Seth and assault squad in the other with a priest.  2 baal preds that I really liked in 5th and I hope are good in 6th.  I also want to try out a true rhino rush list.  The jury is still out on rhino's in my opinion.  Especially fast rhino's.  I figure for 50 points I can guarantee 10 assault marines will get up to a 24 inch boost in the first turn might be worth it.  One thing I know for sure is that I can't wait to get some games in and try out the new rule set.


  1. I found my pred an vindi are still pretty good in 6th (which seems far more shooty - for now) but the rhinos get knocked off pretty fast, of course it depends on who you fight - the necrons got real nasty in 6th with regards to vehicles...

    1. Dude, tell me all you can about the rhino's. can't wait to get my r3avens into the air.

  2. On one hand, yes, the rhino's will die faster, but the fast rhino's purpose will be fullfilled. They will continue to travel towards the enemy on glancing hits and penetrating hits of one and two, and the troops that come out or are forced out, will do well no matter the opposition. Your bringing fists into challenges, fnp into both assault and shooting engagments and on top of the tin cans you've got nearly unstoppable flyers dropping off dreads and death company while firing 4 shots a turn. Will necrons f*&^ your can wall faster than a hawks ass in a powerdive? Yuuup!(Hester:2012). Is it the end of the game at that point? No way. Get in close and see what happens. Fnp is basically a daemon save now and Blood Angels can take it to the hole. Those models look great and I bet the play pretty well too.

  3. Looking good Kaughnor!! Have you finished the other parts yet?? Got a tournement coming up here. 1000 point flesh tearers and 500 allies, my alliss are Tau.

  4. The biggest disappoinment in 6th regarding Rhinos, for me, is that crew shaken/stunned affect troops in the following turn. Rhinos are a fast way to get your troops around the table, but, I have also found that they give your opponent a sizeable opportunity to gain first blood.

    Regardless, the Rhinos look badass, and deserve some table time! Good luck!

  5. I hear ya man, though now that 6th has been out for 2/3rds of a year and we are 4 codices in I think rhinos are not such a bad buy after all. The way I look at it, you are planning for a turn 3 assault in the best of circumstances. Turn one push forward, turn two maneuver into place and disembark. turn three strike. What is important I think is not go for the throat turn two when some of your reserves come in. Stay disciplined and wait for turn three.

    That means moving your storm raven only 18 inches turn two if it comes on (positioning it for a turn three push from the entire army).

    Planning for turn three action also means that even if your embarked squad is stunned after turn 2, it does not effect your grand plan.

    Another change that I have made and not reported on (and has made a huge difference for me) is the kit out of my assault marines. I've found that swapping out my melta guns for flamers for my embarked squad and equipping my serg with 2 flamer pistols has really breathed new life into my rino assault squad. Again its all about turn three, but when I drop 4 flamer templates off on turn 2 its easier to hold out for the assault in turn 3. Also, not many squads want to assault my marines when I have 4 flamer templates to overwatch with.

    That all being said, first blood sucks balls. I don't know how to get around it right now.