Monday, May 6, 2013

Chaos Marines Colour Scheme

So I applied the mat spray yesterday and threw down some basing paint to see how the mini looks.  Over all I'm really happy.  Critiques: the backback is rough and could have used more care/colour, The base material itself is too similar to the model so I think I'll be looking to change that (probably brown to match the shoulders and give me the colour triangle).  It may stay if I can figure out how to do water effects to darken the bases and look like the marines are trudging in a swamp. But that takes effort and my real goal is simply to paint these models up to a three colour table top standard.  Over all though the model took me around 10-15 minutes to paint.  Not bad.

I've also since primed the rest of my infantry using the desert yellow primer and will plow through those this next little while.  I know I said I was going to finish my Flesh Tearers but I'm having a lot of fun with Chaos.  As for the Helldrake and Maulerfiend not sure I want to rush paint those.  They are center piece models and are too expensive to just slap paint on.  I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

The 1250 list I'm looking at now is as follows:

Demon Prince: - MoN, Wings, Armour, Black Mace

2 x 10 Marines - plasma guns, rhino, dirge casters
2 x 10 cultists


Maulerfiend - Tendrels
2 Oblits - MoN, VotLW

After a couple of games I've found that I needed some long range fire support to cover my advancing infantry   I would rather have gone with the havocs but it would have been a pain to try and get 4 autocanons together.  Oblits, while not a fan of the model, is an easy solution.  I've the rhino's at a friends as well.  The rhino's and oblits will get the same army painter treatment.

I think the list above has a lot of internal synergy.  The Maulerfiend and DP will work in tandem with each other to utilize the tendrils.  Those units in turn are supported by the rhinos with dirge casters.  The helldrake does as it pleases.  I have back field scoring with my cultists that in turn bubble wrap the oblits.   With respect to the DP, not sure if mace and mark of nurgle are a good combo.  Slow and purposeful is not that great for an assault monster.  I may either give him mark of tzentch (and break the theme of the army) or burning brand.

Overall a productive weekend as far as the hobby goes.

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