Friday, September 24, 2010

First Painting Entry.

Farseer is cleaned, based, primed and first two colours down.

Heavily highlighted yellow robes after completing the blue cloak.

I'm happy with the way the blue cloak turned out.  I used about 6 shades of blue.

This was my second squad built since I started the hobby last spring.

Here is the farseer with some more work done.

I spent some time on painting the helmet.  I need to go back and highlight the wraithbone and pouches next.

Just a shot with the cloak and helmet.

I then went on to start my Scorpion Exarch.

Almost done!

Tabled by Orcs!

Well, I was tabled last night by orcs.  I ran the 1k mechdar list I posted previously.  Over all I think the problem was with tactical decisions I made during the course of the game rather than an inherent problem with my list.  I do think I need to make some changes though.  As for my opponent he had the following from memory:

Big Mech with force field
Warboss with powerclaw
2 Mobs of 30 boys and two Nobz with powerclaws
5 Nobz
3 Killa Cans

The mission was dawn of war and I had first turn.  I deployed my avengers and wave serpent in the center of the board to push back his deployment as much as possible.  I should note we were playing on a 4x4 table.  The first two turns I was doing well.  He advanced a Warboss and 30 mob squad down the right flank, his nobz and big mech down the middle and the remaining 30 mob squad and killacans down the left flank.
I focused all my fire on the left flank for the first two turns.  My mistake happened in turn three which caused my army to crumble.  Turn three he was midfield with his army.  I had my tanks in the center of my table edge.  At the beginning of turn three I had about ½ of the left flank 30 boy mob gone from previous turns of shooting and I had my avengers in range to pop out of the tank and blade storm.  I also could have unloaded the three flame templates from my guardians but I would have had to take a dangerous terrain test for their serpent.  I opted to only hit them with the bladestorm and large blast from the fireprism which was mistake number one.  After shooting I managed to whittle the mob down to about 6 guys.  He kept rolling his cover saves granted by the Big Mech.  I should have either not bladestormed and moved my tank out of charge range or risked the dangerous terrain test for my guardians serpent.  The 5+ invul save from the big mech completely shut down my shooting.  The flame templates would have ignored the coversave and I likely would have wiped out the squad.   Ah well live and learn.

The second big mistake I made was trying to control my deployment zone from the middle.  I should have left my tanks on the flank that I was focusing my fire on.  On the bottom of turn three he declared a waagh fleeted 6” and caught me with my pants down.  He was able to hit my Falcon with his Warboss and 6 or so orcs.  Adding insult to injury I had given my falcon a bright lance so was only moving it 6” so I could get extra shots of.  If I had of moved the Falcon over 6” he would not of been able to take it down.  He was able to get 6 penetrating hits off from the close combat.  However he only rolled 1 or 2 six’s when rolling to hit.  It was not until he rolled for the 5th pen hit that he got through my holofield, and wrecked the tank.  On the left flank he charged my avengers (who to their credit lasted 3 combat rounds before the broke and fled off the board). 
I also lost two tanks to shots from the dreadnaughts.  I don’t really count that as a tactical error and chalk it up to bad luck. Everything just fell apart after that though.  

Over all I will make some minor changes to my list; however, I believe that the majority of my problems were due to poor decisions on my part.  The big mistake was not respecting the power of the waagh.  I should have been thinking of the extra assault range and positioned my tanks appropriately.  While I do not like being tabled I did learn quite a bit from this match. 

These are two changes I think I might make to the 1k list:

Option A)
Replace the bright lance on the falcon with a EML.  This would allow me to move and fire two guns and still move over 6” to maintain my mobility.   Also I think I would swap out the stones on waveserpents for extra shuriken cannons.  Also guide was wasted.  I should have picked doom as a Farseer power.  It is just hands down a better force multiplier. 

Option B)
Give the Farseer doom rather than guide.  Replace the stones with suriken cannons on all my tanks.  All wave serpents will have twin linked shuriken cannons.  Replace the fireprism with a nightspinner.  Replace the Falcon and 5 man avenger squad with 5 Dragons and 1 Exarch with Dragon’s Breath in a wave serpent with shuriken cannons.  Add 1 viper with 2 shuriken cannons.  Over all this I think would make for a better list at 1k although I lose the 3rd scoring unit.  With this set up I would have a potential of 27 strength 6 shots, 5 meltagun shots, 1 singing spear, 2 heavy flamer templates, 2 flamer templates and 1 large blast strength 6 template that rends, is barrage, causes difficult and dangerous terrain tests.  Now I’m thinking that the night spinner might be better than a fireprism for the extra ability to cause dangerous and difficult terrain tests.  I do like the fireprism though especially with the extra option of a small s9 blast shot.  And the lack of any armour pen on the nightspinner might nudge the fireprism slightly ahead for utility in this list (especially for an all comers list).  I think I will try it with both just to see which one I like more.  So there you have it, a complete loss, hopefully I can stand up, dust myself off and be a better player for it.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Eldar 1850 Tournament List

My local store is holding a 1850 tournament in October that I'm thinking about signing up for.  I put the following list together after reading some good articles on Eldar tanks on 3+++

Farseer - Singing Spear, Runes of Warding, Doom

2 x 5 Fire Dragons - Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Shuriken Cannons, Stones

2 x 9 Avengers - Wave Serpent, Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Shuriken Cannons
10 Storm Guardians - Warlock, Singing Spear, 2 Fusion Guns, Shuriken Cannon, Twin Linked Shuriken Cannons
5 Avengers (ride in the Falcon)

3 Vipers - Shuriken Cannons x 2

Falcon - EML, Holo-Field, Stone, Shuriken Cannon
2 Fireprisms - Shuriken Cannon

Total Points 1848

Total Infantry: 47 models
Total Tanks: 8 + 3 Vipers
Potential strength 6 shots a round: 57
Potential strength 8 shots a round: 15
Potential strength 9 shots a round: 2 (not including Fireprisms)
2 pie plates from the Fireprisms offer 4 shooting options (2 strength 5 large blasts, 2 strength 9 small blasts, 1 strength 6 large blast, 1 strength 10 small blast)

I probably should slim down my Avenger squads to 5 man each but I like having extra bodies available should I lose a serpent.  Not sure if I agree with skipping on giving all the serpents stones, but I though I would try it out.  The idea is to strike at isolated segments of the opponents force with focused fire.  I have three dedicated units that can potentially pop av 14 (the Farseer will ride with the Storm Guardians).  While I've seen lists that put out much more strenth 6 shots, 57 a turn is nothing to complain about.  Any tanks that get popped by the Dragons or Guardians will have their disembarked troops open to a devastating torrent of fire that on average hits on 4+ and wounds on 2+.    The Falcon is mainly there to act as a defensive scoring unit. Then there is the combined firepower of the Fireprisms that add some nice flexability to your shooting options during a game turn.  Rounding it all out is the force multipler provided by the Farseer and Doom.  I was thinking that Guide might be better as Doom is some what over kill with the volume of strength 6 shots.  The problem is who do I guide.  I don't have a single unit that puts out a lot of shots; rather, they are spread out throughout the army.  I figure Doom works better for an all comers list especially should I face some MC's such as nids or daemons.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

My take on NIDS 1500k

Found this photo at Heresy Online.

This is my take on the Nids at 1500 points.  The list is based on knowledge gained from fighting them in 5th edition, and my take on how the Nids should be played from my experience with them in 2nd edition.


Hive Tyrant - Lash Whip & Bonesword, Adrenal Glands, Toxin Sacs, Leech Essence, Paroxysm
Tyrant Guard - Lash Whip


Tyranid Warrior Brood (6)
Genestealer Brood (20)
Genestealer Brood (20)

Fast Attack:
Tyranid Shrike Brood (6)
Gargoyle Brood (30)

The way I see the above list being played is as follows.  This is a balls deep motherfucking bad ass army!  Its the way I think Nids should be played.  In your face tearing shit up.  I remember when Nids first came out.  You could god damn give them Zoats!  Well what I remember from back then is that Nids were in your face hand to hand.  I figure from playing against them in 5th edition that this is what a hard core assault army should look like.

The list is also based on my understanding on how a hammer and anvil list should play.  The idea is that my hammer will consist of the Shrikes and Gargoyles.  My Tyrant, Tyrant Guard, Warriors and 20 Stealers will act as my Anvil.  That leaves me with 20 more stealers that will out flank and act as my fuck you card.  I'll plod forward with my anvil along with the screen of 20 stealers.  My hammer will push a flank hard in first turn.  Second turn first thing I do is roll for outflank.  If successful the rest of my army will make a push for them.  Hopefully I will have a solid hammer and anvil set up along with the wild card of 20 stealers outflanking.  If I don't make the role then I'll try and set up an hammer and anvil with what I have on the board.  The thing is no matter if my outflanking stealers make it on the board by turn two or not.  Who ever I play will always be shitting their pants thinking about what might be outflank during the course of the game.

Overall I think this would be an easy list to model and a fun army to play.  The only thing outside of the box you would need to make it work would be some shrike wings from forgeworld.  The thing is I no fuck all about Nids.

Incubi and Arhra the fallen Phoenix Lord

Just stumbled across this leaked photo of the new incubi.  Man do they look good.  I've got to say I'm tempted to start up a Dark Eldar force if the rest of the new model range looks as good.  I'm particularly interested in whether or not the new codex will advance any of the fluff around Arhra.  I always figured that it was likely there was some connection between him and the Dark Eldar incubi.  While the photo is blurry, the addition of the horns on the new incubi models certainly suggests a chaos mutation aspect might be introduced to the incubi fluff.  This might support the idea that Arhra is connected to the incubi as he is apparently: "The fallen Phoenix who burns with the dark light of Chaos."  I think this connection is further supported by the recent book Path of the Warrior where it was reveled that a Dark Eldar was accepted into a Striking Scorpion shrine on Alaitoc for some apparent reason.  

While unsubstantiated my understanding of Dark Eldar rumors is that Chaos will play some sort of role in the new codex.  I don't remember where I read it but apparently mandrakes are being reworked to include some forms of mutations.  However the problem with rumors is that they are just that, rumors.  There is also word floating around the rumor mills that Harlequins will play a role in the new Dark Eldar codex as well.  If this is the case then it is not likely they would align themselves with anyone that exhibited signs of chaos mutations.  As for the inclusion of Harliquins in the Dark Eldar codex, it is said that Harliquins are a unifying force for the different Eldar factions.  There was also mention once in a WD where the Harliquins brokered an alliance between Eldar and Dark Eldar when faced with an overwhelming chaos demon force.  So who knows what is in store with the release of the new codex.  One thing is for certain, if there is any form or manner in which Eldar and Dark Eldar might be allies through Harliquins then this fool will soon be parted with some hard earned cash.

Monday, September 20, 2010

2K Alaitoc v.s. Nids

Well, I had my first 2000pt game last week against my buddies Nids.  Over all it was a close and fun game.  I won by just one kill point.  However, the game ended on turn 5, and had there been another turn those Nids would have likely melted my face.   Keeping in line with my new personal rule, I ran the list from my last post.  I’m not going to write a detailed battle report as the game was quite a few days ago.  I do want to provide a rough break down on how my units performed though and what I need to improve my game.  As for set up, I outflanked the warwalkers and everything else was placed on the board. From memory, my friend had the following

Tyrant with 2 Tyrant Guard, lash whips, heavy venom cannon, adrenal glands, hive commander, old adversary, paroxysm, leach essence

3 Zoanthrope brood with drop pod, cluster mines
3 Hive Guard

2 Tervigons
2 x 27 Termagaunt  Broods
1 Genstealer Brood – 11 stealers and 1 broodlord
10 Hormagaunt brood

1 Tyranofex

So the game was kill points and table quarters.  The Nids went first and just started plodding towards my quarter.   Over all my strategy was just to stay alive and pick off any stragglers from his horde.  The mobility of the Eldar was fantastic; however, my list was cohesive.  My foot slogging elements were often left to fend for themselves as the mechanised portion of my list was moving great distances to avoid the Nids.  One thing about the Eldar, no single unit is that great by itself.  I believe the strength of the codex is creating a list that fosters synergy between the different units.   The lack of synergy in my list then resulted in Kharandrus and the Scorpion squad being isolated.  Ultimately they were overwhelmed by numbers.  In retrospect I should not have placed this squad so close to the opponent.  If I were able to deploy again, I would have set them back with the Rangers and used them as a counter assault unit closer to my deployment.  In addition, I think I should have set up the warwalkers along with the rest of my troops.  This way they could have benefited from Eldrad and guide.  As for Karandrus, one thing I do not like about him is his lack of an invul save.  That being said however, he does provide a nice +1 cover save to the scorpion squad which is decent when combined with a handy fortune from Eldrad.

Over all I did ok.  Not great and not terrible.  After the game I was going to dump my warwalkers, scorpions and ranger to try my hand at a complete mech list.  However, after some thought I’ve decided against this.  I figure you cannot make or break a list after one game.  I plan to get some more games in before I make any drastic changes.  Mistakes are bound to happen when trying out a new list/army.  I think it’s important when starting out to maintain some consistency between lists as you don’t get a feel for what a unit can do after only one game.  That being said, if anything where to go it would be the phoenix lord.  He is a lot of points to sink into a character without an invul save.  This is especially true when you consider his role is to go toe to toe with other cc beasts.

The following are some photo’s from the game.  Not the best quality from my iphone, next time I play I will take some proper photo's from my camera.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

New Rule

Well, I've been slacking on painting.  I've not lifted a brush in weeks.  So to motivate me to finish painting my army, I am only going to play with miniatures that have some semblance of a paint job.  This is my 2k list then, please note it is the extent of my Eldar army with any paint on the mini's.  Everything is WYSIWYG except for the fire dragon exarch.  If anyone makes an issue of the exarch holding a firepike, I'll remove bladestorm from the avengers and upgrade the fire dragon exarch.


9 Scorpions, 1 Exarch, Powerclaw
5 Fire Dragons, 1 Exarch, Dragons's Breath, Crack Shot

9 Avengers, 1 Exarch, Bladestorm, Defend, Shimmer Shield, Wave Serpent, Stone, EML
10 Guardians, 1 Warlock, Destructor, 2 Flamers, Wave Serpent, Stone, EML, Singing Spear
5 Rangers

2 Fire Prisms, Holo Fields, Stones
3 Warwalkers, Scatter Lasers

Total Points 1997

I decided to implement this rule because I was at a friends house tonight watching a game of 40k.  It was on my friends table.  One army was painted completely and the other one well on its way to being done.  It made the game much better.  I think if you want to get the most out of this game you got to get some paint on your mini's.  It just takes the game to another level.  Here are some photo's of the game.

Thursday, September 9, 2010


This is my friends Nids army to date.  Both of us started at the same time.  On top of the Nids, he has already built and painted a Necron army complete with a Monolith.  The photo is not that great but up close his Nids are really coming together.  I've got to admit, I'm having a tough time dealing with them...

Alaitoc 1k List with Hawks

Read a good article on Hawks here:

Thought I would try a 1K Alaitoc list with Hawks.

- Farseer: Doom, RoW. Singing Spear - 98 pts

-10 Avengers and Exarch: Bladestorm, Dual Catapults, Wave Serpent, Stones, EML - 282 pts
-10 Storm Guardians and Warlock: Destructor, 2 Flame Throwers, Wave Serpent, Stones, EML - 257 pts
- 5 Rangers

Fast Attack:
- 4 Swoop Hawks and 1 Exarch: Sun Rifle, Intercept, Sky Leap - 152

- Night Spinner - 115

Total Points: 999

This list is all about disruption and focused fire.  I think the Night Spinner will help a lot with slowing down an opponent.  Especially combined with Doom.  There is a big problem with the lack of AT, however, part of the reasoning behind this list is to test out the Intercept ability of the Hawks.

I think the way to play this list would be to try and direct the assaulting enemy down what ever lanes of fire I put the Rangers in.  Again I think the Night Spinner will be able to help out big time by forcing dangerous and difficult terrain tests.  I especially think this list might do ok against Nids at 1K as the strength of the Hawks lasgun is not so much of a problem.  Also against Nids, the Hawks, Avengers and Storm Guardians could clean up on infantry turn two.  The Hawks then would put out a healthy amount of 14 shots that have a two in three chance to hit.  And with the aid of Doom a 75 percent chance to wound against gaunts and other t3 models.  The large Hawk pie plate would be nice against Nids as well.  Also, the Rangers would help put a dent in Monstrous Creatures.  There are also two twin linked EML to help out with Monstrous Creatures as well.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Alaitoc Hammer & Anvil

So I put my previous list up for review on 40K Online and got some nice feedback in return.  After a long discussion about Eldrad's fluff, I ended up focusing the list on Alaitoc only.  I made a few changes.  This is the current version of my Alaitoc Hammer and Anvil list:

-Farseer: Singing Spear, RoW, Doom, Fortune - 148 pts
-Autarch: Fusion Gun, Power Sword, Mandiblasters, Jump Generator - 125 pts

-Dire Avengers (10): Exarch, Bladestorm, Dual Catapults, Wave Serpent, Stones, Brightlance - 297 pts
-Dire Avengers (10): Exarch, Defend, Shimmershield - 162 pts
-Storm Guardians (10): Warlock, Singing Spear, Destructor, 2 Flameguns, Wave Serpent, Stones, Brightlance - 275 pts
-Rangers (5): - 95 pts
-Rangers (5): - 95 pts

-Scorpions (10): Exarch, Powerclaw, Infiltrate, Move Through Cover - 212 pts
-Fire Dragons (4+1): Fire Pike, Crack Shot, Tank Hunters, Wave Serpent, Stone, Shuriken Cannon - 225 pts

Fast Attack:
-Warpspiders (6+1): Exarch, Withdraw, Dual Spinners - 186 pts

-3 Warwalkers: Dual Scatter Lasers Each - 180 pts

Total: 2000 pts

I swapped out the Falcon with Warp Spiders to be my linking unit.  Eldrad and the Wraithguard were dumped.  I picked up an Autarch to go along with the Spiders.  I think this makes for a better linking unit between my Hammer and Anvil.  The Spiders get some extra fire power with the inclusion of the Autarch and his meltagun.  Also depending whether the Hammer or Anvil requires an assault, the jump pack gets him where he needs to be quickly.

My Hammer will be comprised of the First Dire Avenger squad in a Wave Serpent, the Storm Guardians and Dragons.  First turn they are gone!  Rush down the flank as quickly as possible.  The Spiders try and bridge the distance between my hammer and anvil on the first turn.

In my Anvil, my second Avenger will advance on foot along with the Scorpions.  The Farseer will attach to the Avengers on foot.  The Warwalkers will find lanes of fire and cover with their scout move.  The Rangers will set up to support my Anvil as it footslogs up the board.  As an aside, I went with two Ranger squads after reading an article on 40K Online about Craftworld Alaitoc that was great.  It recommended if you run an Alaitoc list you should take at least 2 squads of Rangers to stay in line with the fluff.

So thats the new version of the list.  I have all the models and have a good start on painting them up.   Hopefully I will be able to test out the list this weekend as well.


Monday, September 6, 2010

Alaitoc + Eldrad 2k Hammer and Anvil

Read a great article on 40K Online on how to run a Hammer and Anvil Eldar list.  The following is my attempt while still paying attention to the fluff of Alaitoc and Ulthwe.

-Farseer: Doom, Fortune, Singing Spear.

-10 Avengers with Exarch: Dual Catapults, Bladestorm in Wave Serpent with Stones and EML.
-10 Storm Guardians with Warlock: Destructor, 2 Flamers, same ride as above.
-5 Dire Avengers.
-5 Rangers.

-5 Wraithguard in Wave Serpent with Stones and Shuriken Cannons.
-10 Scorpions with Exarch: Powerclaw, Infiltrate, Move Through Cover.

-Falcon with EML, Stones, Holo-Field, Shuriken Cannon.
-3 Warwalkers with Scatter Lasers.

The points are roughly 2k and still needs some fine tuning.  The idea is to set up my anvil with the Scorpion squad, Rangers and Warwalkers.  The reason behind the selection of these units is in part to keep with the theme of Alaitoc.  In fact I might find the points to give my Rangers the Pathfinder upgrade to further keep with the Alaitoc theme.  I think they will also perform well in the role as anvil.  The idea is to set up the Anvil on turn one with those three units in cover.  The Rangers/Pathfinders will soften up any monstrous creatures while the 24 strength 6 shots of the Warwalkers soften up any infantry coming their way.  The Scorpions then act as a counter assault unit.

The Hammer will consist of Eldrad, Storm Guardians, Avengers and Wraithguard.  The idea is to rush a flank first turn moving all out.  Two of the Wave Serpents will try and block line of sight to the third.  Eldrad can then cast Fortune on the two exposed Serpents hopefully allowing the tanks to remain unscathed after the other players first turn.  Turn two strike with Eldrad and the Wraithguard targeting the biggest threat while the Avengers and Storm Guardians focus on infantry.  The plan with Eldrad is to cast Fortune and Guide on his squad then something offensive like Doom or Mind War as the circumstances call for.  I may play around with the points and upgrade all three Serpents with nose mounted Shuriken Cannons and give the Wraithguard's Serpent an EML.  The idea is that if all three units disembark at the same time, my transports will not be moving and therefore able to shoot all weapons giving my exposed models more covering fire to soften up the enemy.

My support unit will be the Fire Prism and Falcon with the 5 man Avenger squad and my second Farseer.  This unit will serve to keep my Hammer and Anvil working together.  The Farseer can support the Anvil with Doom and Fortune on the Scorpions.  The combined fire power of the Walkers, Rangers/Pathfinders and Falcon then is available to soften up any target approaching the Anvil.  If the Falcon swings towards my Hammer, it will give it the ability to Fortune up to three tank cover saves.  The extra Farsser also releases Eldrad of having to cast Fortune and Doom every turn allowing him to be played more aggressively.  The Hammer could turbo boost a flank turn one and dish out some serious pain.  However I'm not sure if the Falcon is a good choice.  I like the idea of a DAVU Falcon able to score late game but with the lack of an energy field, melta weapons can pop it should it take an offensive role.  It might be better for me to change the second Farseer's ride to a wave serpent and beef up the Avenger squad.  This would allow the second Avenger squad to take a more active role in the game rather than simply being an expensive upgrade to the Falcon.  If I make the switch this would give me an extra heavy slot to play with and I then might try and fit in another Fire Prism.

Depending on how the units are deployed on turn one, the above list could set up a Hammer and Anvil by turn two.  I believe this would give you the edge as you are now controlling the pace of combat from the very start of the match thereby forcing your opponent to react; rather, than being pro-active.

As for the fluff, the idea is that Eldrad is dead alla the 13th crusade.  However, his armour was recovered by a lone surviving warlock who was last spotted with Eldrad alive.  I figure that if Eldrad was one of the greatest Farseer's ever, then that his armour might react like the Phoenix Lord's armour.  And because he is a spirit in his armour, as are the Phoenix Lord's in their armour, that this could be a way that Eldrad survived the Black Crusade and therefore still available able to play in the current time line.  To flesh out this story, I thought that if Eldrad was undead like the Phoenix Lords then his retinue should be as well.  The idea is that the five Wraithguard who accoumpany Eldrad are possessed by the dead warlocks of Eldrads Seer Counsel who died along with him during the war with Abbadon.  Leading the group of Wraithguard is the lone Warlock who recovered Eldrads armour.

As for modeling I would paint the five Wraithguard and Warlock and Wave Serpent in black Ulthwe colours to go along with Eldrad.  I think the end result would be a colourful but consistant table top 2k army.  As it stands I have the models right now for this list and have painted strong core composed of the Alaitoc colour scheme.  About a third of my army is painted green with blue and yellow highlights to signify the scout force yet still tying them to Alaitoc colours.  I think the single unit and wave serpent painted in black would add a nice highlight to the green yellow and blue of the rest of the army.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Mechdar at 1K

Where I play my weekly game the points limit is 1000 with quite a variety of armies and builds.  Its competitive and filled with veteran players.  While I am not a veteran I'm certainly competitive.  This is my 1000pt list I plan to play test over the next few weeks before I expand to 1.5K points.

-Farseer: Guide, Singing Spear, Runes of Warding

-10 Avengers with Exarch, Dual-Catapults, Bladestorm mounted in a Wave Serpent with EML and Stone
-10 Storm Guardians with 2 Flamers, Warlock, Destructor, Singing Spear mounted Wave Serpent as above.
-5 Avengers

-Falcon with Holo-Field, Stone and Bright-Lance
-Fire Prism

I think this list will require patience to play, but is a good introduction to playing mechdar at a 1000 points.  The plan is simply to stay out of range until late game before making a dash to claim objectives.  During the first few turns while holding back focus fire the long range weapons that include: 1 twin-linked Pulse Rifle, 1 twin-linked Bright-Lance, 2 twin-linked ELMs and the Night Spinner Cannon.  The Farseer and 5 man Avenger squad will go with the Falcon.  The Farseer will guide the Falcon.  I think normally one would equip the Falcon with an EML, I just like the way the Pulse Laser looks on the Falcon better.  Also, having a twin-linked lance weapon never hurts either.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Time to finish my Eldar!

So, when I got back into the hoby last Spring I first started with Eldar.  The idea was to put together a ranger Alaitoc list and have lots of outflanking units.  My rangers would ride in a falcon for outflank.  My scorpions would also give their wave serpent outflank.  Some warwalkers and additional troop choices to round it out.  I also thought if I could make the points work I would try out a phoenix lord and the new night spinner.  I switched to Blood Angels for a bit but I figure its time I go back and finish painting my Eldar.