Monday, September 20, 2010

2K Alaitoc v.s. Nids

Well, I had my first 2000pt game last week against my buddies Nids.  Over all it was a close and fun game.  I won by just one kill point.  However, the game ended on turn 5, and had there been another turn those Nids would have likely melted my face.   Keeping in line with my new personal rule, I ran the list from my last post.  I’m not going to write a detailed battle report as the game was quite a few days ago.  I do want to provide a rough break down on how my units performed though and what I need to improve my game.  As for set up, I outflanked the warwalkers and everything else was placed on the board. From memory, my friend had the following

Tyrant with 2 Tyrant Guard, lash whips, heavy venom cannon, adrenal glands, hive commander, old adversary, paroxysm, leach essence

3 Zoanthrope brood with drop pod, cluster mines
3 Hive Guard

2 Tervigons
2 x 27 Termagaunt  Broods
1 Genstealer Brood – 11 stealers and 1 broodlord
10 Hormagaunt brood

1 Tyranofex

So the game was kill points and table quarters.  The Nids went first and just started plodding towards my quarter.   Over all my strategy was just to stay alive and pick off any stragglers from his horde.  The mobility of the Eldar was fantastic; however, my list was cohesive.  My foot slogging elements were often left to fend for themselves as the mechanised portion of my list was moving great distances to avoid the Nids.  One thing about the Eldar, no single unit is that great by itself.  I believe the strength of the codex is creating a list that fosters synergy between the different units.   The lack of synergy in my list then resulted in Kharandrus and the Scorpion squad being isolated.  Ultimately they were overwhelmed by numbers.  In retrospect I should not have placed this squad so close to the opponent.  If I were able to deploy again, I would have set them back with the Rangers and used them as a counter assault unit closer to my deployment.  In addition, I think I should have set up the warwalkers along with the rest of my troops.  This way they could have benefited from Eldrad and guide.  As for Karandrus, one thing I do not like about him is his lack of an invul save.  That being said however, he does provide a nice +1 cover save to the scorpion squad which is decent when combined with a handy fortune from Eldrad.

Over all I did ok.  Not great and not terrible.  After the game I was going to dump my warwalkers, scorpions and ranger to try my hand at a complete mech list.  However, after some thought I’ve decided against this.  I figure you cannot make or break a list after one game.  I plan to get some more games in before I make any drastic changes.  Mistakes are bound to happen when trying out a new list/army.  I think it’s important when starting out to maintain some consistency between lists as you don’t get a feel for what a unit can do after only one game.  That being said, if anything where to go it would be the phoenix lord.  He is a lot of points to sink into a character without an invul save.  This is especially true when you consider his role is to go toe to toe with other cc beasts.

The following are some photo’s from the game.  Not the best quality from my iphone, next time I play I will take some proper photo's from my camera.

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