Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Eldar Tally

In preparation of the new codex, I've pulled out the majority of my Eldar models.  I have a bag full of additional mini's that date back to rogue trader but I plan to save those for a potential corsair list I have been dreaming up.  At any rate I've been thinking I should slow down and take a deep breath.  Perhaps I don't need to dive into the deep end with the new models rather start out the new dex using models I currently own.  Only only once I get a few games in should I expand my list with an informed opinion of the new models.  As it stands I currently have the following:

Avatar - original model from rogue trader
Banshee, Fire Dragon, Avenger, Swooping Hawk Phoenix Lords
3 Autarchs - one jet bike model
2 Farseers
7 warlocks

10 scorpions
10 banshees
10 fire dragons (five original models)
6 New Harliquins + shadow seer.  A number of the original models as well tucked away somewhere

37 dire avengers (20 new molds, 10 rogue trader molds, 7 hybrid 3rd edition molds)
26 rangers (21 original models)
10 storm guardians
4 original jetbikes (6 plastic jet bikes - 4 of which can be shinning spears)

10 hawks
6+1 warp spiders
2 vipers
4 shinning spears

4 war walkers
2 fire prisms
2 falcons
1 wraithlord
7 dark reapers (3 original rogue trader models rest second generation)

4 wave serpents

I have more odds and ends such as a number of the original guardians and old metal mini's.  I will be pre-ordering the codex today and leave it at that for now.  I have plenty to work with so bring on 6th edition Eldar.


  1. I had the same thought to avoid the new shiny stuff until I have played some games with my existing collection. Good luck with that. So big...

  2. Nice collection by the way. Love the tanks.

  3. Thanks man... I tried I really did try but as it stands I have no will power. New models on the way for next week.

  4. Ha! Thats awesome. You lasted a few hours. Focus on the positive. Can't wait to see your new stuff and army list.