Monday, June 5, 2017

1850 Eldar Iyanden 8th Edition

I've had some time to digest the leaked rules and put a list together I want to try out (hopefully this Wednesday).

Vanguard Detachment:


2 x 5 Wraithguard - wraithcannons
5 Wraithguard - d-scythes, wave serpent (underslung shuriken cannon, twin link shuriken cannons

2 x 10 Defender Guardians - scatter laser

Wraithlord - sword
Wriathlord - 2 starcannons

Super Heavy Auxiliary Detachment:

Wraith Knight - sunncannon, scatter shield

Total Points: 1850
Total Units: 9
Total Wounds: 130

So I'm hoping an Eldar wraith army will work this edition.  Really like the wraithguard on paper.  A loss of toughness but an increase in wounds seems like an overall buff.  But because of the increase in points they may not be the most efficient choice now even though they effectively have hit and run.  I think the way to run them is as ynnari.

The plan with the above list is to run the spiritseer up the middle of the board behind the swordlord and two basic wraithguard squads as an anvil.  The d-scythes and wraithknight will push a flank and act like a hammer.  The 2 starcannon wraithlord will stay back and protect my guardian squads.  It's a low model count but has a high wound total.

Placement of the spirit seer is key as he provides a nice buff, army wide, against enemy units within 6 inches of him.  I plan to play very aggressively pushing him deep into the enemy.  He will also be buffing 40 wounds worth of wraith units with conceal.  The wraithknight seems like too many points but I really feel like I need to include if I want to keep the iyanden theme.  I picked the suncannon because I want the 5++ save and don't want to be forced into assault all the time.

Its a slow army and I might just get shot off the table.  I like the look of it though and I hope it can hold its own in the new addition.