Monday, June 4, 2012

Models Away

My models are now en-route to the States to be completed.  This leaves me with the above to get painted/finished in anticipation for 6th edition.  In order to remove all clutter from my work space and mind, I've put away every other model in my collection so as not to be tempted to stray from my plan of attack.  I want to first finish the tac squad (its oh so close).  From there finish my full 10 man assault squad then the two smaller squads.  I want to leave my independent characters till last (I enjoy painting them the most).  So there you have it, while some might say I took the easy way out, I do not care.  I'm looking at having a completely painted 2000 point army for 6th edition.  Booya!


  1. I'm wondering, are you worried about the tanks and vehicles not matching your standard armys paint scheme? Thats my concern about commisioning out stuff

  2. I based my paint scheme off of the white dwarf from a year ago where the flesh tearers were featured. I just asked them to use the same colours.

  3. Funny you say that, that article is what originally got me intrested in the flesh tearers also!! My scheme changed a tad bit from theirs but I tried to stick closely to that idea