Thursday, May 30, 2013

First Stab at an Alaitoc Army

My old brain has been churning in overdrive lately as I scour the internet for rules leaks and what not with respect to the new Eldar Codex.  So I'm thinking my first list I take will not be my mythical all plastic army, but an amalgamation of my old models and new.  The list I'm thinking about is as follows:


10 Scorpions - Exarch, Claw, Mighty Blow

10 Rangers
5 Path Finders

Total Points is looking like it will be 605 for above.  Not sure what I would add to the list to flesh it out but I think might serve as a solid foundation to build an army around.  Helldrakes and Tau would mess it up.  Fun start though to a thematic army.

The Rangers would have stealth and shrouding as well as the pathfinder squad (if I attach Illic to the rangers).  Illic has split fire so the jacked up range on his rifle is not wasted.  Scorpions stick around to deter assaults.

----- edit ------

After some thought I think I have my first 1850 list I will run.  Following the rule of cool, the plan is to include more of the new models.  New list is as follows:


10 Scorpions - Exarch, Claw, Mighty Blow

10 Rangers
5 Path Finders
10 Avengers - Wave Serpent, Scatter Lasers, Under Slung Shuriken Cannon
10 Storm Guardians - Wave Serpent, Scatter Lasers, Under Slung Shuriken Cannon, 2 Fusion Guns, Warlock

Crimson Hunter

Wraith Knight - Sunburst Cannon, Scatter Laser
2 Fire Prism's

Total Points: 1850 on the nose

So, only need to put together Wraith Knight, Crimson Hunter and Illic this weekend and my list is built and well on the way to being painted.  Rule of cool demands that I include as many of the shiny new models as I can.  Over all the list has many inherent weaknesses but it also draws on many strengths (at least as I see them) of the new codex.

Loving Avengers, the way I see it either run them sans Exarch (and just rely on all the new inherent buffs) or go all out.  First list I plan to run has left the Exarch out simply so I can afford to upgrade the already expensive Wraith Knight.  Crimson Hunter... love and hate it.  Av 10 looks like it will be a real pain to deal with.  On its face its stats are pure gravy but talk about a glass cannon.  The way I figure it should be run is to keep it as cheap as possible and build a list that forces an opponents target priority to provide the best defence.  Speaking of the best defence lets welcome to the Eldar the Wraith Knight.  While it does not have the defensive stats of the Tau MC, it does come equipped with Toughness 8 and a relative decent save.

Originally I was planning to run the Wraith Knight stock with just 2 wraith cannons but my experience with Chaos is that if you are willing to pay the points for an MC, go all out and pick up the upgrades.  I think the Wraith Knight is a good option stock that forces you to take advantage of cover saves such like wave serpents can help provide (and ultimately forcing you to play trixy as any good Eldar should).  But the suncannon is just too juicy to pass up.  Its like taking a Demon Prince without considering taking the black mace.  One scatter laser to provide twin linking and only one is required.  Any more weapons and you start sacrificing the mobility offered of the Wraith Knight for fire power.  And its fire power that can be found elsewhere in the list.

Fire Prism's lets talk about those for a moment.  3 different firing modes and you no longer require 2 of them to unlock their potential.  Again the list is about target priority, for a reasonable price I get 2 tanks that modify their weapon to deal with any manner of target.  One thing I really like is that now they can take a snap shot against a flyer if the opportunity presents itself.

Looking at Storm Guardians, I think with the boost to their inherent stats they will become a go to unit.  Add in a Warlock and their utility becomes quit good in my opinion.  Also, with the increased stats, you do not require to plan the unit around a specific Warlock power.  Any power that is rolled just becomes gravy.  I also wanted to make sure a Warlock was included in the army to provide at least a 1 in 6 chance that I get the power that heals a wound.  Seems a great thing to have when you are rolling with a 6 wound toughness 8 MC with a 3+ 5++ save

Finally we have the Wave Serpents.  As is the internet, the ragged masses are crying out against the NERF.  Frankly the Wave Serpent (again in my humble opinion) is now a staple of any competent Eldar army.  One just needs to approach the tank as a gun boat first and transport second.  With scatter lasers, and an under-slung shuriken cannon the tank now puts out 7 twin linked BS 4 strength 6 shots.  Equipped this way it is cheaper than a Baal Pred with assault cannons and heavy bolters.  Being able to transport 12 models is just gravy.  Added to this is the option to exchange the defencive ability to change pen hits to glances on a 2+ to an offensive shot that allows for a further d6+1 strength 7 shots that ignore cover and are pinning.  Gorgeous... simply gorgeous.  I love the new incarnation of the wave serpent.

So you may be able to tell I'm fairly excited with the new release of the Eldar Codex.  Stay tuned for more random thoughts as they come to me...

Eldar Codex Review (German Book)

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Scorpions For The Win!! (Disco Light of Lasers)

All I can say is get on 4chan, the book has dropped.  Scorpions for the win!  My favorite unit in 40k is simply stellar...  STELLAR!

Starting A Plastic Eldar Army...

Excitement is building with the new codex around the corner.  Now that I've succumbed to my low will power I believe its full steam ahead to building a plastic Eldar Army (bought the one click launch).  Above is the foundation that I plan to build from.  I've heard a rumor that fire prism's are nerfed but c'est la vie I've already invested time into painting them.  I started the process of painting up white on the third wave serpent so that my Avengers will have matching rides.  I plan to put 5 wraith guard in the yellow serpent and the run the x-wing variant flier.  I've lots of magnets piled up to apply to the wraithknight as well.  Also, I think I have a way to make a plastic spirit seer (simply use the seer head in the wraithfighter kit rather than supplied farseer head.  Fleshing out troops I'm not sure what I'll do, jet bikes are an option but I hate investing in models that are still so dated: time will tell.  Man the anticipation is killing me.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

White Dwarf Confirms Crimson Hunter Has Vector Dancer?

Just a brief observation but it appears the Eldar Crimson Hunter has vector dancer.  Looking at the photo cells depicting ends of turns 2 (page 63 cell 7) and 3 (page 64 cell 2), it is fairly clear that the aspect jet fighter has made a lateral move and is still facing the same direction.  It looks like the Wraithfighter was bound by the normal flyer rules.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

The Eldar Tally

In preparation of the new codex, I've pulled out the majority of my Eldar models.  I have a bag full of additional mini's that date back to rogue trader but I plan to save those for a potential corsair list I have been dreaming up.  At any rate I've been thinking I should slow down and take a deep breath.  Perhaps I don't need to dive into the deep end with the new models rather start out the new dex using models I currently own.  Only only once I get a few games in should I expand my list with an informed opinion of the new models.  As it stands I currently have the following:

Avatar - original model from rogue trader
Banshee, Fire Dragon, Avenger, Swooping Hawk Phoenix Lords
3 Autarchs - one jet bike model
2 Farseers
7 warlocks

10 scorpions
10 banshees
10 fire dragons (five original models)
6 New Harliquins + shadow seer.  A number of the original models as well tucked away somewhere

37 dire avengers (20 new molds, 10 rogue trader molds, 7 hybrid 3rd edition molds)
26 rangers (21 original models)
10 storm guardians
4 original jetbikes (6 plastic jet bikes - 4 of which can be shinning spears)

10 hawks
6+1 warp spiders
2 vipers
4 shinning spears

4 war walkers
2 fire prisms
2 falcons
1 wraithlord
7 dark reapers (3 original rogue trader models rest second generation)

4 wave serpents

I have more odds and ends such as a number of the original guardians and old metal mini's.  I will be pre-ordering the codex today and leave it at that for now.  I have plenty to work with so bring on 6th edition Eldar.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

1850 Plastic Eldar Army

As I feverishly try and paint up my chaos marines I cannot help but ponder how my Eldar army will look in one months time.  Goal is to go to 1850 pronto with an all plastic army (only exception will be finecast HQ's).  So looking at what I have to work with I will start out playing my original mechdar list.  Fingers crossed the wave serpents come down in points: at least the weapon upgrades.  As it stands the core of my army is as follows:

Farseer - to be replaced by plastic farseer with spear

2 x 10 Avengers in wave serpent
10 Storm Guardians - wave serpent

2 Fire Prism's

Points for above with no upgrades is 955.  I suspect the above core will come down in price likely around 100 points or so.  I will admit, I will be pre-ordering the models without looking at the new rule set so a gamble on my part.  I plan to pick up one of each of the new sets: wraithknight, flyer, wraithguard, farseer, spirit seer, main rule book.  Again a gamble but the new army should look something like this:

Farseer - to be replaced by plastic farseer with spear
Spirit Seer - will he make 5 wraithguard troops?

5 Wraithguard - wave serpent (will they be troops)

2 x 10 Avengers in wave serpent
10 Storm Guardians - wave serpent

Fast Attack:

2 Fire Prism's

How many points will the above be? Will the above list be half decent? No idea but I plan to start out exploring the new book building on models I've built and painted.  Again (and subject to change) I want to focus on a plastic army.

As an aside here is a photo of my 1250 chaos warband to date:

Also have 2 rhino's that need some bits and bobs attached to 'chaos up.'  Doubt the army will be finished  by June but I would be happy if I had the majority of the infantry completed.  Dare to dream.

Anyway, all fired up for the new Eldar release.  Over and out.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Rise Sons of Khaine (woot!)

Only 7 hours left for Robotech Kickstarter

Only 7 hours left.  A bunch of new items have been added to battle cry with a few more depending on this last push for funding.  Well over a million raised.

Sunday, May 19, 2013

First Chaos Marine Squad Dipped

Had a fire lit under me with the Eldar leaked photo's.  Got to get my 1250 chaos list painted up as soon as posibble so I can move on.  First squad dipped and on the shelf for 24 hours.  Next squad in the que.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

6 Days Left to go with Robotech Kickstarter

Look at all these mini's you get with the Battle Cry for only $140 USD.  I for one cannot wait to get my hands on this game for next Christmas.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Father and Son

Applied the mat spray to the champion.  I'm away to a conference the next 4 days or so.  That means no updates till I get back.  Still though not a bad start to a new army.

Aspiring Champion Dipped

Working on the first squad of marines last night.  All the bronze trim is done.  Also pushed through and finished the aspiring champ.  Only this morning do I see I missed painting the joints, I'll have to go back after the mat spray.  Another critic  I need to be careful when priming a light colour.  It is so easy to go overboard to get a solid colour base that you end up loosing detail on the model.  Patience is key (which I lack).  The model requires a few touch ups but will be ready for the table top after the mat spray.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Chaos Marines Colour Scheme

So I applied the mat spray yesterday and threw down some basing paint to see how the mini looks.  Over all I'm really happy.  Critiques: the backback is rough and could have used more care/colour, The base material itself is too similar to the model so I think I'll be looking to change that (probably brown to match the shoulders and give me the colour triangle).  It may stay if I can figure out how to do water effects to darken the bases and look like the marines are trudging in a swamp. But that takes effort and my real goal is simply to paint these models up to a three colour table top standard.  Over all though the model took me around 10-15 minutes to paint.  Not bad.

I've also since primed the rest of my infantry using the desert yellow primer and will plow through those this next little while.  I know I said I was going to finish my Flesh Tearers but I'm having a lot of fun with Chaos.  As for the Helldrake and Maulerfiend not sure I want to rush paint those.  They are center piece models and are too expensive to just slap paint on.  I'll cross that bridge when I get there.

The 1250 list I'm looking at now is as follows:

Demon Prince: - MoN, Wings, Armour, Black Mace

2 x 10 Marines - plasma guns, rhino, dirge casters
2 x 10 cultists


Maulerfiend - Tendrels
2 Oblits - MoN, VotLW

After a couple of games I've found that I needed some long range fire support to cover my advancing infantry   I would rather have gone with the havocs but it would have been a pain to try and get 4 autocanons together.  Oblits, while not a fan of the model, is an easy solution.  I've the rhino's at a friends as well.  The rhino's and oblits will get the same army painter treatment.

I think the list above has a lot of internal synergy.  The Maulerfiend and DP will work in tandem with each other to utilize the tendrils.  Those units in turn are supported by the rhinos with dirge casters.  The helldrake does as it pleases.  I have back field scoring with my cultists that in turn bubble wrap the oblits.   With respect to the DP, not sure if mace and mark of nurgle are a good combo.  Slow and purposeful is not that great for an assault monster.  I may either give him mark of tzentch (and break the theme of the army) or burning brand.

Overall a productive weekend as far as the hobby goes.

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Chaos Marine Test Model (Dipped)

I've got a couple of games in now with the chaos marines and I'm having fun with them.  Decided to paint up a test model quickly to see how it would turn out using army painter.  Need to wait 24 hours for the dip to dry and I'll post up another photo.

Robotech Hits 500K!

With still 16 days left in the kickstarter campaign (and the original 70k cost covered within hours) the extra's just keep pilling up.  Lord Khyron's battlepod was just added to the Battle Cry set.  Looking forward to seeing what other great stretch goals are added as this kickstarter continues.