Saturday, February 18, 2012

Finally picked up IA 11

So I picked up the latest Imperial Armour the other day and have been enjoying the read.  I'm really digging the Eldar Corsairs list.  So without much ado, the following is a quick list I put together that I think could go toe to toe with any army currently dominating the end of the 5th edition scene.

Void Dreamer: -Haywire grenades, Gyrinx

(6) 5 Corsair squad with Shuriken Catapults, Fusion Gun, Falcon, Shuriken Cannon

(3) 1 Corsair Hornet with 2 pulse lasers

(3) Warp Hunters

Total Points 2k on the nose

31 Infantry models (6 scoring units)
12 Tanks (9 AV 12/12/10 and 3 AV 11/11/10) that are fast skimmers
24 Pulse Laser shots a turn (48" range AP 2 strength 8)
6 Fusion Gun shots a turn (melta gun)
18 Shuriken Cannon shots a turn (24" range AP2 strength 6).
3 D-Cannon barrage shots a turn

I think that the Prince is a better option for an HQ selection; however the Void Dreamer is slightly cheaper in points allowing me to squeeze in another warp hunter.  Over all A very shooty and fast list.  The great part is the list can shoot well at the 36-48" range and has the speed to keep away from any given opponent. No CC capability but who needs that when you are skirting the edges of the board plinking away.  The best thing though is the BS 4 across the board.  Those 24 pulse Laser shots are far more accurate than anything their Craftworld cousins can put on the board.

I think the above list would be fun to play, but man would it be expensive to build.  6 Forge world models is a lot to spend money on when IA lists are not normally considered legal.  The Falcon's I'm sure could be found on ebay for a reasonable price and the corsair models could be represented with guardians, but man those 6 forgeworld models sure would be expensive.

Anyway, I'm loving the book and I defiantly want to try playing the campaign.  My main opponent has a Cadian guard army so but for the big Apoc games I'm good to go.  Anyone else enjoying the new Imperial Armour book?


  1. It's a great book, I saw it a while back, nice to see the Edar getting any kind of love, the Corasir army list is bloody brilliant, tempted to "counts-as" my DE to see how it plays.

    I actually have about 12 Eldar skimmers so I can prob mash together that list with convincing proxies, I would drop a Warp hunter for a phoenix :oP

  2. Dude if you do proxy some games mind writing about the results?