Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Skink Chieftain on Terradon

Say hello to my little friend the Skink Chieftain on Terradon.  You may ask why, the answer is because I can.  This little guy is equipped with a blow gun, venom of the firefly, and shield of ptolos.  I plan to use him to snipe casters and war-machines.  His blow gun re-roles hits and makes magical poisoned attacks.  He has fly, fast cavalry and forest strider rules.  He also has a 2+ save vs shooting.  Is he worth it I don't know but I believe he is here to stay (at least until I flip flop as I'm wont to do).  Here is a photo of the 2.5k list then:

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Thinking big

Took a look at the models I currently have right now and decided to hobble together a 2.5k list.  2.5k is the point level normally played at my FLGS.  What initially brought this on was trying to incorporate the scarvet on cold on model into the list.  I love the fact he rides on a saddle made up of skaven pelts.  Anyway, here is the list I'm thinking about.


Slann - lore of light, loremaster, focused rumination, BsB, standard of discipline, cupped hands


Scar-Vet - cold one, great weapon, venom of firefly, luck stone, dragon helm, LA
Scar-Vet - warrior's bane, charmed shield
Skink Priest - level 1, dispel scroll, cloak of feathers


27 Sarus Warriors - full command
24 Sarus Warriors - banner
2 x 10 Skink Skirmishers


5 Chameleon Skinks
5 Cold One Riders
1 Stegadon
20 Temple Guard - flaming banner


2 Salamanders

Total Points: 2500

I've no idea if this is a decent list or not.  The real benefit is it is nearly built so I could start getting some proper sized games in.  Everything is WYSIWYG but for the scar vet on cold one (no great weapon).  I don't know, once my 1k is finally painted I'll likely put together the rest of my saurus before beginning the temple guard.  Just to keep the assembly line in order and to take a break from painting.  I suppose putting together 5 cold one cavalry is not a big deal that also has the benefit of providing me with a proper sized army.

Now I know cold ones are considered garbage by the Internets in general.  I really like the models (I like cavalry models in general).  But coupled with lore of light I think they are not half bad.  With lore of light my cavalry unit can double their movement and always strike first with 10 strength 5 attacks and 5 strength 4 attacks.  Plus the scar vet brings 4 strength 7 attacks and 1 strength 1 attack.  That is 20 attacks at WS 10 with lore of light.   Not bad I think to hit a flank with.  Not sure how always strikes first mixes with the always strikes last of a great weapon.  I'll have to hit up the FAQ's.

The stegadon is in the list to act as a distraction so that my cavalry can run amok more freely.  If it survives cannons all the better but it is in the list to detract ranged fire power from the rest of my units.  2 salamanders are good 6 would be better but I don't have the models.  Same goes for 5 chameleons (though I do now have 10 old metal ones - that need a simple green wash).

Not sure of running lore of light with the temple guard.  I'll try it out, as well as lore of heavens (on paper this seems like a killer lore).  I gave the skink the cloak of feathers because that is the model I have.  Also with 2 magic missile spells in the lore of light (and lore of heavens) I want to try and exploit the synergy between the slann and priest.  The cloak of feathers will allow me to extend the range of my magic missiles without increasing the cast value.  Plus I want the skink laying down ice blizzards on enemy war machines.

As for lore of light, I think this school of magic helps mitigates the draw backs of cold one cavalry.  More importantly however, is the new release of daemons   I have a feeling daemons will be hitting the tables hard.  Not to mention the need to leverage against daemon princes in the new chaos warriors army.  Anyway, that is all for now.

Monday, February 25, 2013

All your base are belong to us

Magnitised the bases on the sarus and painted all the bases a base colour in my 1k list.  Army is really coming along.  Temple Guard are qued up next as they are ready to paint.  I changed the pace on my Stegadon.  Used the army painter primer paint but I'll pass on using the dip.  Going to paint it now with the new citidal paint line.

As it stands I've added the old thraka green wash to the scales.  Next step is too wash entire skin + scales with camoshade then drybrush with hellion green.  Also going to try glazing with waywatcher.  If I'm up for it I'll try to layer up some highlights.  Also going to magnitize  the Stegadon's gear to allow me to run an ancient or EoT down the road.

The new demon models almost lured me away from the lizardmen but I'm on track again.   Next up in the que are the Temple Guard.  As soon as they are done I'll have a large chunk of this army painted.  It will be downhill after them.  So far so good.

Friday, February 22, 2013

WOW some awesome models that have been/will be released.

Man one thing I have to say about this demon model release is that the new Chaos demons must be the most complete 6th edition army that is made up of all new miniatures.  The Chaos gods are tempting me away from the lizardmen.  I may have to buy a box of pink horrors to get started on a small ally to accompany my very small chaos marine war band.

As it stands with my chaos marines I have 3 squads of 10 marines.  20 with bolt guns and 4 plasma guns and 10 with bolt pistol and chain swords.  I also have a plastic demon prince with wings.  I have some more chaos odds and ends but it is all in metal.  If I switched back to 40k to pick up chaos marines I would only ever use plastic models.  Throw in a helldrake or two and I think you have the recipe for a fun/good(not perfect)/easy to paint army: to play 6th edition with.

The list that comes to mind is as follows:


Tooled out Demon Prince with level 3 pychic powers, black mace, dimensional key, mark of tzeentch.

3x10 chaos marine squads

Hell Drake


Hearald of Tzeentch

8 Pink Horrors

3 Flamers

3 screamers

Approx 1250 points

But the price of GW's new line is so expensive...

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Plugging Away With Army Painter

Couple of photo's to show the progress of my 1k list.  Still no chameleons, I'll pick them up on Saturday (also worked in a deal to pick up 8 more cold one calv - still on the sprue).  Orange is done on the skinks, next up brown.  As for the sequence of colours to be painted I think I will go like this: brown, silver, green, white.

The steps in more detail:

1) Brown - weapons
2) Silver - weapons, jewelry
3) Green - eyes, armbands, cloak
4) White - eyes, claws

Once the base coat is down on the skinks its time to dip.  Paint bases brown and finish basing/flocking on all infantry   Then as a reward for getting through all these models I'll take my time with the stegadon.  I think the model is too large to apply the Army Painter dip so I'll try my hand of painting with multiple washes.  This train is still moving along...

Sunday, February 3, 2013

1000 points built and primed.

So scaling back even more than to 1500 points, I took a look at my posted 1k list and decided to focus on its completion.  Notably absent are 5 chameleons, I don't pick them up until tomorrow.  Also they are painted already so I'll just leave them till the very end.  Going to keep this train rolling along.

First attempt at flocking

Warriors of Chaos Review

Picked up the new army book this morning.  The title is a bit of a misnomer, I'm not really writing a detailed review.  I'm revved up though to play Fantasy: I suppose my limited review is that the army must be good as it has been generating a lot of excitement at my FLGS.  That in turn has turned up the heat on myself to get the Lizards up to speed   I was starting to fall into the old trap of building an army and putting off the hobby/painting aspects till later.  I want instead to focus on getting a painted army down on the table.

I've decided to scale down my goal from building a 2400pt army to a 1500pt army.  Part of the pleasure of this game (for me at any rate) is playing with painted models.  So tonight I finished packing up all my non-lizard models and tucked them away.  My sole hobby focus is now drawn onto my lizardmen.  As well, I figure it will be easier to learn the rules at the smaller point level.

Also of note: I've found a great deal on some chameleon skinks and terridons.  Going to pick up 10 skinks and 3 terridons on Monday.  With my hands now on these new models I've decided to change up the focus of my list without loosing site of what hobby work has already been accomplished.  The new 1500 point list is as follows:

Slann - Diadem of Power, Higher State of Conciseness.

Scar-Vet - Warrior Bane


27 Saurus - Full Command, Spears
10 Skink Skirmishers
10 Skink Skirmishers

8 Chameleon Skinks
3 Terridons
1 Stegadon

2 Salamanders

Total Points: 1500

Going to focus on getting these models painted up ASAP.  I want to finish my saurus unit first before I move on.  So, decided to figure out how I'm going to base the unit.  Just waiting on the wash to dry then will give a light highlight and some flock/tufts.

Once my 1500 points is done then I can move on to finishing up these next few models:

Going to call it a night.