Saturday, June 10, 2017

Wave Crush: 2000 Point Ynnari 8th Edition List

Watched a couple of battle reports and had some more time to digest the new rules for 8th.  Came up with a 2000 point list that I think will be very strong for new edition.  A nice bonus is that the army is few in models and well on the way to being painted.  Its only one Vanguard Detachment but I think there is a ton of built in synergy that only having 4 command points won't be too debilitating.

Vanguard Detachment:

Warlock - witch blade

2 x 5 Wraithguard - wraithguns, wave serpent,  vectored engines, star engines
5 Wraithguard - d-scythes, wave serpent, vectored engines, star engines
5 Wraithblades - axes, shield, wave serpent, vectored engines, star engines

Night Spinner - shuriken cannon, crystal targeting matrix

Crimson Hunter: crystal targeting matrix

Total Points: 2000
Total Wounds: 140
Total Command Points: 4

Potential Shots a Turn:
10 x strength 10, -4ap, d6 damage
5-15 x strength 10, -4 ap, 1 damage
2 x strength 8, -4 ap, d6 damage
2 x strength 8, -3 ap, 3 damage
2d6 x strength 7, ap0 (-4 ap on wound roll of 6), 2 damage
39 x strength 6, ap0 (-3 ap on wound roll of 6), 1 damage
4d3 one time mortal wound shots (plus smite from warlock and spiritseer)

Really low model count but everything hits really really hard.  The wave serpents move/advance 13 + 2d6 inches a turn putting 20 wraithguard down my opponents deployment zone for turn two.  The serpents are tough being -1 to hit and reducing all damage by 1 with 13 wounds at toughness 7 with a 3+ save.  I suspect one or two serpents likely with die by end of turn one but they will absorb a ton of fire power.  If a wave serpent is destroyed, then I can place the wraithguard unit on table, remove the serpent then soul burst the wraithguard squad.  I love it!

The Night Spinner will stay out of sight in my deployment zone thinning down hoards or putting wounds on light vehicles.  It's mobile enough to score objectives in my zone as needed.  The Crimson Hunter is a distraction unit that will hunt monsters, medium vehicles and flyers.  It cannot be ignored as it hits on 2's and wounds tough 7 and less on a 3+.  Rerolling wounds against units with fly type is icing on the cake.  It is also extremely fast to grab hard to reach objectives for points as needed.

The real meat and potatoes are the wraith units.  They just seem boss.  Three wound models that cannot be tied in combat with a leadership 9 makes for a heck of a solid core to build around.  I've a nice spread of wraith units to help deal with whatever army I may face.  I will likely save my command points for re-rolls on shooting the d-scythes.  The Wraithblades are there to tar-pit elite units and or super heavy walkers.  The Spiritseer will run with this squad giving them +1 to hit and re-rolls on hit rolls of one.  The Warlock will try and stay as central in the meatball of wraithguard to cast conceal.

I think having only 6 models to put down turn one will more times than not give me first turn.  I foresee a lot of wave serpents crushing into assault with pile in moves to tie up major parts of my opponents army to reduce incoming fire to the wraith units.  Over all I think its going to be a rock solid army that is fast, tough, and hits hard both against hordes and tough units.  Really looking forward to getting a game in to test it out.


  1. why not use some wraithknights.

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  3. Your Wraithguard can't soulburst off of the vehicle if they were already in side it when it's destroyed.