Friday, September 16, 2011

Wraithseer Trial Run

Got a thousand point game in last night.  Did not want to disturb the Flesh Tearers from the paint que so I assembled a 1k list of Eldar.  I brought the following:

Farseer - RoWard, Spear, Fortune
Wraithseer - D-Cannon

10 Wraithguard - Spirit Seer, Spear, Conceal
7 Rangers

Wraithlord - Bright Lance

I ended up playing against a DoA list with Astorath the Grim.  From memory he had the following:


Priest - Jump Pack

3(10) man assault squads - flamer, melta gun, 2 power fists, 1 power sword.

The game was roll dice and tie and spearhead.  I did not expect to win the game, but eked out a draw.  I should have lost though, but the game ended on turn five and the opponent was 1/2 inch from contesting my objective.  Over all the wraithseer performed well.  Managed to take out Astorath and all but a couple of marines from an assault squad.  The rangers did squat.  Next time I think pathfinders are needed, the AP 1 on a 5+ to hit is worth the points.

Unfortunately I was not able to get a salvo off with the wraithguard.  The 18 inch threat range of the assault marines vs the 12 inch range of the wraithgun meant we went straight into hand to hand.  The wraithguard actually held up well in the assault.  I forgot to cast fortune on a turn though and that made the difference.  The problem was the because the game from the get go descended into a giant melee, I lost track of whose turn it was.  What finally did in the wraithguard were the two powerfists.  Next time I think I will find the points to take Eldrad.  His power weapon attacks and mind war would have tip the scales in my favour to win combats.  Also, I should have taken enhance.  The extra WS and I would have paid off in spaids.

As for the Wraithseer, I was happy with how it performed.  Was able to resurrect a couple of wraithguard with the extra 6+ save.  Also being able to cast Fleet allowed him to catch the marine player off guard to get into assault with Astorath.  The D-Cannon is not worth the points though so I'll likely strike it next time I roll with this wraith list.

The game was for fun and my opponent was cool to let me try out the wraithseer.  Even though I only had about 20 models on the table, it looked awesome seeing a full squad of wraithguard.  I've got two lists in mind for next time, one with the Avatar and one with Eldrad.

The list with the Avatar looks like this:

Wraithseer - EML

5 Wraithguard

(2) 5 Pathfinders

(2) Wraithlords - Wriathsword, Shuriken Cannons

I like this list as I have 4 MC's at 1k points.  Again its for fun and not a competitive list but man it does make for a fun game.

With Eldrad I would take the following:


10 Wraithguard - Spirit Sear, Enhance
5 Rangers

Wraithlord - Wraithsword, Shuriken Cannon

Not sure which list I want to try next.  I like the idea of a full wraithguard squad as a troop choice, but I also like having the 4 MC's a 1k.  I have all the models (though not painted) so likely will try them both.

Anyway that's all for now.


  1. For a second there I was like, "Wraithseer", what the f is that. Can their really be a codex HQ for eldar that I have never even heard of. I know I do not follow all the codexes closely but that one did come out quite a while ago.

    But ofcourse search reveals forgeworld rules.

  2. Experimental rules at that. Hopefully whenever the new Eldar codex drops we might see something like it make an appearance.

  3. The Eldrad list will invariably be better. spamming psychic powers and giving the Wraithguard an ablavative re-roll 3++ will soak single heavy wep hits if needs be , he also brings a wep to punch through amour reliably.

    Though its a bit of a death star.

    Avatars fall over without fortune support though at low points some armies may struggle with that many MC's (not DE)

  4. Lol, not really a list to put up against Dark Eldar. At higher points though a screen of harliquins or warlocks would help considerably. Eldrad is pimp with his buffs and quasi-powerfist.

    Thinking about the wraithseer, I think it is fairly good at 185 points. Being able to buff the wraithguard then bust out with fleet is mighty nice. Plus the re-rolls on his strength ten attacks pack a solid punch.