Monday, September 6, 2010

Alaitoc + Eldrad 2k Hammer and Anvil

Read a great article on 40K Online on how to run a Hammer and Anvil Eldar list.  The following is my attempt while still paying attention to the fluff of Alaitoc and Ulthwe.

-Farseer: Doom, Fortune, Singing Spear.

-10 Avengers with Exarch: Dual Catapults, Bladestorm in Wave Serpent with Stones and EML.
-10 Storm Guardians with Warlock: Destructor, 2 Flamers, same ride as above.
-5 Dire Avengers.
-5 Rangers.

-5 Wraithguard in Wave Serpent with Stones and Shuriken Cannons.
-10 Scorpions with Exarch: Powerclaw, Infiltrate, Move Through Cover.

-Falcon with EML, Stones, Holo-Field, Shuriken Cannon.
-3 Warwalkers with Scatter Lasers.

The points are roughly 2k and still needs some fine tuning.  The idea is to set up my anvil with the Scorpion squad, Rangers and Warwalkers.  The reason behind the selection of these units is in part to keep with the theme of Alaitoc.  In fact I might find the points to give my Rangers the Pathfinder upgrade to further keep with the Alaitoc theme.  I think they will also perform well in the role as anvil.  The idea is to set up the Anvil on turn one with those three units in cover.  The Rangers/Pathfinders will soften up any monstrous creatures while the 24 strength 6 shots of the Warwalkers soften up any infantry coming their way.  The Scorpions then act as a counter assault unit.

The Hammer will consist of Eldrad, Storm Guardians, Avengers and Wraithguard.  The idea is to rush a flank first turn moving all out.  Two of the Wave Serpents will try and block line of sight to the third.  Eldrad can then cast Fortune on the two exposed Serpents hopefully allowing the tanks to remain unscathed after the other players first turn.  Turn two strike with Eldrad and the Wraithguard targeting the biggest threat while the Avengers and Storm Guardians focus on infantry.  The plan with Eldrad is to cast Fortune and Guide on his squad then something offensive like Doom or Mind War as the circumstances call for.  I may play around with the points and upgrade all three Serpents with nose mounted Shuriken Cannons and give the Wraithguard's Serpent an EML.  The idea is that if all three units disembark at the same time, my transports will not be moving and therefore able to shoot all weapons giving my exposed models more covering fire to soften up the enemy.

My support unit will be the Fire Prism and Falcon with the 5 man Avenger squad and my second Farseer.  This unit will serve to keep my Hammer and Anvil working together.  The Farseer can support the Anvil with Doom and Fortune on the Scorpions.  The combined fire power of the Walkers, Rangers/Pathfinders and Falcon then is available to soften up any target approaching the Anvil.  If the Falcon swings towards my Hammer, it will give it the ability to Fortune up to three tank cover saves.  The extra Farsser also releases Eldrad of having to cast Fortune and Doom every turn allowing him to be played more aggressively.  The Hammer could turbo boost a flank turn one and dish out some serious pain.  However I'm not sure if the Falcon is a good choice.  I like the idea of a DAVU Falcon able to score late game but with the lack of an energy field, melta weapons can pop it should it take an offensive role.  It might be better for me to change the second Farseer's ride to a wave serpent and beef up the Avenger squad.  This would allow the second Avenger squad to take a more active role in the game rather than simply being an expensive upgrade to the Falcon.  If I make the switch this would give me an extra heavy slot to play with and I then might try and fit in another Fire Prism.

Depending on how the units are deployed on turn one, the above list could set up a Hammer and Anvil by turn two.  I believe this would give you the edge as you are now controlling the pace of combat from the very start of the match thereby forcing your opponent to react; rather, than being pro-active.

As for the fluff, the idea is that Eldrad is dead alla the 13th crusade.  However, his armour was recovered by a lone surviving warlock who was last spotted with Eldrad alive.  I figure that if Eldrad was one of the greatest Farseer's ever, then that his armour might react like the Phoenix Lord's armour.  And because he is a spirit in his armour, as are the Phoenix Lord's in their armour, that this could be a way that Eldrad survived the Black Crusade and therefore still available able to play in the current time line.  To flesh out this story, I thought that if Eldrad was undead like the Phoenix Lords then his retinue should be as well.  The idea is that the five Wraithguard who accoumpany Eldrad are possessed by the dead warlocks of Eldrads Seer Counsel who died along with him during the war with Abbadon.  Leading the group of Wraithguard is the lone Warlock who recovered Eldrads armour.

As for modeling I would paint the five Wraithguard and Warlock and Wave Serpent in black Ulthwe colours to go along with Eldrad.  I think the end result would be a colourful but consistant table top 2k army.  As it stands I have the models right now for this list and have painted strong core composed of the Alaitoc colour scheme.  About a third of my army is painted green with blue and yellow highlights to signify the scout force yet still tying them to Alaitoc colours.  I think the single unit and wave serpent painted in black would add a nice highlight to the green yellow and blue of the rest of the army.

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