Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Second Squad of Avengers Nearly Done

Have the second squad of avengers nearly complete. The white helmets took forever. While I painted multiple thin coats, I also decided to paint the white bits on another wave serpent. I need to do some edge highlighting that should go fairly quickly and one last coat of white... Can never have enough thin layers of white lol.

Here is my 1250 list that I want to paint to completion before moving onto the wraith knight.  The 5 OOP ranger models are ones I had from back in high school (nearly 20 years old).  I think for now they will act as stand ins.  Will likely pick up 5 of the new fine cast models.  Have five of the new models in metal but they got banged up very badly last summer when I was doing some work on my basement.

My goal is to have the above painted by the time the new lizardmen book comes out.  Most of the work on the tanks is done but for the bottom half's and some edge highlighting.  Now that I know how I want to paint them should not take too long.  The Avengers are a time sink though.  If I have the time I would like to go back and update my first squad of Avengers.  Its the first unit I painted a couple of years ago when I first came back to the hobby.


  1. Looking great. Love the catapult coloring. Great army.

  2. Thanks man, looking forward to seeing you paint up your wraith guard.