Saturday, July 20, 2013

Another 1250 point game against raven wing

Got another game in last Thursday.  Mixed up my 1250 list dropping the wraithknight and adding in a crimson hunter.  Also swapped one fire prism out for night spinner.  We called the game middle of turn three.  As he only had one unit of bikes left and the nightshroud skimmer.  I also had a whack of stuff left to shoot that turn.  Wave serpents are amazing.  Every game they shine and when people get close thinking they can take them out... out pop all my shuriken guns rending away to their harts content.  Anyway, did some painting the past while.  Last week has been busy for me with work so not as much done as I would have liked.  Still though I just have to keep chipping away at the mountain and eventually the army will be painted.  The following photo's are sequential up to middle of my turn three.

Finaly, below is just a rough test model using army painter yellow (stole idea from zen 40k here). Looking to add lots of more yellow into my standing army...

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