Thursday, May 24, 2012

Random Thoughts 2099 (Change is good - or - Why the Negativity?)

Today I represented an individual that ended up going to JAIL ( incarcerated - locked up - put away - slammer - sing sing).  For those who may not know I'm a criminal defence lawyer.  Presure was on I was living my life like I was in a movie.  At the end of the day I return home to a family and life far removed from the toils of everyday life.  One of the things that makes this possible is my multi-decade long love of 40k.  I've seen this system of rules change ever since the late 1989's.  One thing that has kept me interested all these long years is my love of change.  5 editions of rules...  Hopefuly June of this year a 6th edition of rules.  This game has inspired my imagination since I was a young teenager.  I for one cannot waitv for the new rule system to drop.

With this background I pose the following question:

Why the Negativity?

We live in democratic society.  Why the hate for capitalism.  GW raises their price every year.  I continue to pay GW yearly to support my desire for a good life.  A good life to me is having a 40k army to play games and occupy my mind with.  40k occupies my mind.  I love thinking of tactics, strategies, fluff, and story driven fun to distract me from my every day toil.  

I proactively spend gobs of hard earned money (though not in the past 10 months) on this hobby of ours.  And I don't regret it: I wish I did.  It brings me peace of mind.  With this in mind I have trouble understanding the general negative vibe I've been picking up waiting for 6th edition to drop.  Pay the nominal fee to engage your mind and look forward to a new age of this great game we all play.  

Change is good.  I my self look forward to change.  This is a general call out to all the Bloggers and friends of mine out there; change is good.  

Random Thoughts 2099


Friday, May 11, 2012

Back on track

Well, its been nearly two months since I worked on any models.  Life work family et cetera...  Glad to be back on track though with the lizardmen.  All these 6th edition rumors have left me a little drained.  Not that I'm not excited for 6th edition, its just that I have no desire to play 40k until the new rule set is released.  I do like change though so when 6th edition does drop I will be all over it.  As it stands I've got my lizardmen to work on.  I had a great spurt of productivity early March.  Hoping to reignite my creative juices.  It helps that I have a painting plan for the rest of the army.  Just got to keep on keeping on.