Thursday, December 11, 2014

New Flesh Tearers

Oh Christmas has come early.  With all the rumours flying I've cobbled together an army of existing models on the eve of a new codex. 

Lord of War:


Death Company Dread
Death Company × 10:  power fist, power swords x 2

3 x 5 tac squads - rhino melta guns

10 Assault marines - 2 melta guns

Baal pred - bolter sponsons
Storm Raven

1500 points

Lots of better combos and options from what I can tell but its an army I have built.  If I proxy vanguard vets and a furioso for the death comoany models I think I can run the army properly as Flesh Tearers.  Though not sure if I can add in an HQ and lord of war to the detachment. 

Seth would likely do better with a squad of vanguard vets in a storm raven.  Cheap storm shields would give them a chance if the raven blows up while zooming.  Melta bombs to take on knights.  Squad is fearless with Seth.  Seth gets rampage, rage, +1 attack for any roll of 6 to hit plus a buff from librarian for d3 extra attacks.  Even with out special detachment rules  vanguard vets may be the best fit for Seth.  With an HQ slot open can take a priest for another great force multiplier.

Good times ahead.  Looking forward to playing a proper 7th edition army.


  1. I'm glad BA is finally getting an update. It'll be great to see all the armies popping up again!

  2. I know eh, I'm really hoping the new codex will make terminators worth taking.