Friday, April 12, 2013

Getting Ready for New Eldar Codex

Whew whee the codices are flying now, and at the earliest we may see an Eldar codex is as soon as June.  Loving the pace GW has been setting and must admit its hard not to be fired up for 40k right now.  I put most of my miscellaneous models away and have taken some time to gamble on what to work on with respect to the Eldar.  Looking at the pattern of last releases I would say its safe to model/paint any plastic mini's one may have.  With that in mind I've put together a 1250 point list that I hope will provide a solid foundation for what ever changes may come down the pipe in June (fingers crossed).

The list:


Farseer - Guide, RoW, Spear


5 Fire Dragons


10 Storm Guardians - 2 flamers, Warlock, Destructor, Wave Serpent, Scatter Laser
2 x 10 Avengers - Wave Serpent, Scatter Laser


Falcon - EML
2 Fire Prism's

Total Points: 1250

I think a solid foundation to build an army around.  Not interested in footdar right now as I've all the tanks built and primed.  When the codex drops I'm confident that the above 1250 point cost will likely drop by a couple hundred points leaving a good amount of points then to flesh out the army.

What I want to do with the new book, and I'm certainly gambling on, is flesh out the remainder of my troops choices with jetbikes (betting we get a new sculpt).  Throw in some flyers (more new models) and we are likely sitting at around 1850 point army that will be very fast and durable.  Then to fine toon with what ever new abilities the Exarch's end up with and other new toys that may become available.

As an aside I don't think mech is dead in 6th and that the wave serpent is still a solid choice.  Don't think we will see a dramatic points drop in the tank itself but I figure the weapon upgrades will become more in line with 6th edition costs.  I also figure we will see a retooling of spirit stones, holo-fields and perhaps a return of the crystal targeting matrix (skyfire perhaps).

I'm not sure if painting a falcon is wise but I get the feeling (and there are strong rumors to suggest) GW will be adding another falcon chassis based tank.  I suspect that if this rumor is true it likely would be another bridge to forgeworld and perhaps something akin to the firestorm anti aircraft tank might become mainstream.  Likely a dual kit if released.  Also, major fingers crossed, perhaps the falcon might become a dedicated transport.  At any rate I believe the model will be usable in the advent of a new codex so its on my que to finish painting.

Wish listing indeed but here's a few ideas I've been thinking about would make the Eldar stand out.  All are just random thoughts to be sure:

-USR for shuriken weaponry - Off the top of my head perhaps something like rending at reduced strength?
-A return of the wave serpent protecting infantry with its energy field as was once the case in epic.
-A unique Eldar physic chart and perhaps a loremaster ability ala fantasy rules
-Dare to dream an assault vehicle...

Just some random thoughts that are bouncing around right now.  At long last a strong Eldar book is around the corner.  Its hard not to be excited.

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