Saturday, April 13, 2013

WIP: 2nd Fire Prism

Still needs quite a bit of work but it feels good to be painting Eldar again.  Having trouble matching the yellow to the old yellow painted awhile back.  Part of the problem is matching the new GW paints to my old ones.  Need to paint up more yellow bits such as the grill on the side and the little tabs through out the model.  Also need to go back and touch up the crevices with darker base paint to make the panels pop a bit more.

I want to get the four above tanks finished with decals then I'll start on my infantry   Also, I think I'm going to drop the Falcon from the paint que.  I've two of the models and think that I should save them for a Corsair ally contingent to add to the army should I feel like it down the road.

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