Saturday, September 17, 2011

Thoughts on a Harlequin and Wraithseer combo

New list time...

I was really happy with how the wraithseer played last game, and have been fooling around with army builder (now that it includes it in the HQ options) to figure out a list I might bring down to my FLGS next time.  The big problem with the last list I played is it depended on a deathstar unit that could not deal with assaults.  I dig the wraithseer and perhaps I should be looking at not including a full squad of wraithguard next time.  I only need to select the basic unit to unlock the wraithseer.  Also, why bring another wraithlord when they pail in comparison to the wraithseer (in assaults anyway).  I've found wraithlords have too few attacks to make a big impact in Hand to Hand.  Also when they have to take fearless wounds, their toughness 8 is completely bypassed.

What to do then?  While I like the two lists I came up with why not include a Hand to Hand element to even things out?  Also, the rangers are a liability once my army starts marching up the board.  So, I have an idea to try out some Harliquins to capitalize on the veil of tears and provide my wraithguard a better save than given by conceal.  So here it goes another list to mull over:

Farseer - RoWard, Fortune

5 wraithguard
8 Harlequins + 1 Shadow Seer - 9 Harequin Kisses

(2) 4 Jetbikes + 1 Warlock - Shuriken Cannon, Singing Spear, Destructor

Total Points: 1000

The idea is to attach the farseer to the wraithguard and march them up behind the harlequins and the jetbikes start in reserve.  The wraithseer tows along for the ride.  Low model count for footdar but what the heck, I play Eldar for the models more than any other reason...

Friday, September 16, 2011

Wraithseer Trial Run

Got a thousand point game in last night.  Did not want to disturb the Flesh Tearers from the paint que so I assembled a 1k list of Eldar.  I brought the following:

Farseer - RoWard, Spear, Fortune
Wraithseer - D-Cannon

10 Wraithguard - Spirit Seer, Spear, Conceal
7 Rangers

Wraithlord - Bright Lance

I ended up playing against a DoA list with Astorath the Grim.  From memory he had the following:


Priest - Jump Pack

3(10) man assault squads - flamer, melta gun, 2 power fists, 1 power sword.

The game was roll dice and tie and spearhead.  I did not expect to win the game, but eked out a draw.  I should have lost though, but the game ended on turn five and the opponent was 1/2 inch from contesting my objective.  Over all the wraithseer performed well.  Managed to take out Astorath and all but a couple of marines from an assault squad.  The rangers did squat.  Next time I think pathfinders are needed, the AP 1 on a 5+ to hit is worth the points.

Unfortunately I was not able to get a salvo off with the wraithguard.  The 18 inch threat range of the assault marines vs the 12 inch range of the wraithgun meant we went straight into hand to hand.  The wraithguard actually held up well in the assault.  I forgot to cast fortune on a turn though and that made the difference.  The problem was the because the game from the get go descended into a giant melee, I lost track of whose turn it was.  What finally did in the wraithguard were the two powerfists.  Next time I think I will find the points to take Eldrad.  His power weapon attacks and mind war would have tip the scales in my favour to win combats.  Also, I should have taken enhance.  The extra WS and I would have paid off in spaids.

As for the Wraithseer, I was happy with how it performed.  Was able to resurrect a couple of wraithguard with the extra 6+ save.  Also being able to cast Fleet allowed him to catch the marine player off guard to get into assault with Astorath.  The D-Cannon is not worth the points though so I'll likely strike it next time I roll with this wraith list.

The game was for fun and my opponent was cool to let me try out the wraithseer.  Even though I only had about 20 models on the table, it looked awesome seeing a full squad of wraithguard.  I've got two lists in mind for next time, one with the Avatar and one with Eldrad.

The list with the Avatar looks like this:

Wraithseer - EML

5 Wraithguard

(2) 5 Pathfinders

(2) Wraithlords - Wriathsword, Shuriken Cannons

I like this list as I have 4 MC's at 1k points.  Again its for fun and not a competitive list but man it does make for a fun game.

With Eldrad I would take the following:


10 Wraithguard - Spirit Sear, Enhance
5 Rangers

Wraithlord - Wraithsword, Shuriken Cannon

Not sure which list I want to try next.  I like the idea of a full wraithguard squad as a troop choice, but I also like having the 4 MC's a 1k.  I have all the models (though not painted) so likely will try them both.

Anyway that's all for now.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Seth Nearly Complete

Worked on Seth again, and I'm nearly done.  I'm not ecstatic about the face but it will do for now.  I need to paint his backpack and cape then I'm going to call him done.  If they ever release him as finecast, I might take a second crack at him.  One thing about using a high res camera is that all the imperfections become abundantly clear when viewing the mini blown up.  On the table top I think he is looking good so onward on forwards.

Here is another photo from a different angle:

Friday, September 9, 2011

Dr. Who in the Eye of Terror

I picked up this book solely becasue the cover intrigued me.  What the heck was this human doing wearing Harlequin gear I thought.  Now, I'm not one to do book reviews, but I really enjoyed this one.  I had just finished reading Path of the Seer (which was good as well) and was hungry for more Eldar fluff.  I'm not going to go into the substance of the novel; rather just touch on what I liked about the book.

For starters, the Harlequins, as portrayed in the Infernal Atlas, kick ass!  They manhandled Space Marines, Iconic Chaos Space Marines and even Deamons.  I liked that a lot.  All too often it seems that the Eldar are always being portrayed as the 40k whipping boy.  I mean how many times has the Avatar bit the dust to a generic space marine hero.  Anyway, the Harlequins are a force to be reckoned with in the book which was nice.

What stood out to me was the fact that the novel did not portray the GW war torn universe in the cardboard black or white manner which seems to be the norm.  The protagonist is one crazy character that adventures in the grey areas of the fluff.  I found it refreshing.

Finally, if your like me and starved for Eldar fluff, the book does touch on the Black Library and the interactions between Harlequins and Craftworld Eldar.  I realize not cannon, but its nice to read a story that fleshes out the Eldar background.

Anyway, if you want a fun light read, I recommend giving Atlas Infernal a try.

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1k Flesh Tearers List Starting to Come Together

I'm getting closer and closer to having 1k painted.  Worked last night on Seth again, all that's left is the sword, face and some edge highlighting on the black bits (also need to do his backpack - going to paint the cape white to grey in the recesses).  Once I have Seth completed I have to finish the rank and file.  With Seth comes a new list.  I borrowed ideas from yes the truth hurts and some ideas on the 11th company forum.


Priest - Power Weapon

5 Assault Marines - Power Fist, Melta Gun, HF Razorback
5 Assault Marines - Melta Bombs, Melta Gun, HF Razorback
10 Tactical Marines - Power Fist, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher, HF Razorback

Fast Attack:
2 Baal Preds with Assault Cannons.

At 1k I have 4 scoring squads and 5 tanks which I think is good.  The Tactical squad will combat into 5 man units with the missile launcher acting as a scoring deck chair unit (stole the phrase from 40KUK podcast).  I have three squads that rush forward that contain the duality often espoused by Stelek.  Each squad has anti tank (melta guns), assault capabilities against infantry, walkers and vehicles (strength 8 HtH weapon in each squad).  Also I decided to give the power sword to the Priest because of his WS of 5 (that was pointed out by Stelek).   I borrowed the idea of giving the 3 squads strength 8 HtH weapons from the 11th Company.  In Stelek's linked list he goes for combi-meltas accross the board to give each 5/6 man squad 2 melta shots.  The 11th company suggested power fists to make the squads versatile in close combat.  I went with the power fists because a) they are already modeled b) there is no economical way that I can see to model multiple combi meltas c) it allows me to throw in Seth to replace the third power fist.

The general idea with the HF razorbacks is it affords you the full 12 inch movement, the squad can pop out to crack open armour.  Then the twin linked heavy flamer template can soften up what ever comes out of the wreak.  The second multi gun shot would dramaticly increase the odds of cracking open armour but I want my marines to be able to handle themselves in close combat (they are Flesh Tearer's after all).  Now Stelek does not prescribe to Baal Preds.  I like them however.  I find that they work well in pairs.  Two preds can push the oposite flank that my three squads attack.  If my opponent ignores them then I have rear armour shots turn one.  If my opponent tries to takle them then my 3 infintry squads take less heat.

Once I have the infantry finished - and the end is in site - I need to focus on the tanks.  I'm going to airbrush the tanks red gore and paint black on the panels with a brush (opposite as to my first rhino that is base coated).  The real challenge will be to model the twin linked heavy flamers.  My friend building the guard army (which looks amazing by the way and I'll post some photo's of it soon) is going to provide me with the turret Heavy Flamers from his Chimera's.  Got to figure out an effective way to model the Razorback using those bits.  As for painting a design, I found this Flesh Tearer painting blog on Bolter and Chainsword.  I love the way this fellow has painted the black buzz saw on his tanks.  I think I'm going to appropriate this and copy the pattern on my tanks.  As for the Baal Preds, I've glued the side inserts on one of them for the heavy bolters.  I tried removing them but the plastic glue used has welded the pieces together.  I'm thinking I'll do the same on the second Baal Pred to keep the two tanks consistent.  This will allow me to include the heavy bolters should I want to equip them.

Anyway, the army is coming together.  Once Seth is done, its downhill from there.  The heart and soul of the army will be completed and the rest should fall into place.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Working on Seth

Decided to take a break from painting the rank and file and worked the man himself, Seth.  Base coat is down, with a couple of washes as well.  Going to put him down for the night while the washes dry.  When I return to him next I plan to finish off dry brushing the silver joints then layer up red gore to clean him up.  So far, it has been slow going with all the detail on the model.  Not sure how I plan to tackle the sword nor the cape.  I think the biggest challenge though will be to do his face justice.  Anyway still plugging along with getting the Tearer's painted.