Wednesday, September 7, 2011

1k Flesh Tearers List Starting to Come Together

I'm getting closer and closer to having 1k painted.  Worked last night on Seth again, all that's left is the sword, face and some edge highlighting on the black bits (also need to do his backpack - going to paint the cape white to grey in the recesses).  Once I have Seth completed I have to finish the rank and file.  With Seth comes a new list.  I borrowed ideas from yes the truth hurts and some ideas on the 11th company forum.


Priest - Power Weapon

5 Assault Marines - Power Fist, Melta Gun, HF Razorback
5 Assault Marines - Melta Bombs, Melta Gun, HF Razorback
10 Tactical Marines - Power Fist, Melta Gun, Missile Launcher, HF Razorback

Fast Attack:
2 Baal Preds with Assault Cannons.

At 1k I have 4 scoring squads and 5 tanks which I think is good.  The Tactical squad will combat into 5 man units with the missile launcher acting as a scoring deck chair unit (stole the phrase from 40KUK podcast).  I have three squads that rush forward that contain the duality often espoused by Stelek.  Each squad has anti tank (melta guns), assault capabilities against infantry, walkers and vehicles (strength 8 HtH weapon in each squad).  Also I decided to give the power sword to the Priest because of his WS of 5 (that was pointed out by Stelek).   I borrowed the idea of giving the 3 squads strength 8 HtH weapons from the 11th Company.  In Stelek's linked list he goes for combi-meltas accross the board to give each 5/6 man squad 2 melta shots.  The 11th company suggested power fists to make the squads versatile in close combat.  I went with the power fists because a) they are already modeled b) there is no economical way that I can see to model multiple combi meltas c) it allows me to throw in Seth to replace the third power fist.

The general idea with the HF razorbacks is it affords you the full 12 inch movement, the squad can pop out to crack open armour.  Then the twin linked heavy flamer template can soften up what ever comes out of the wreak.  The second multi gun shot would dramaticly increase the odds of cracking open armour but I want my marines to be able to handle themselves in close combat (they are Flesh Tearer's after all).  Now Stelek does not prescribe to Baal Preds.  I like them however.  I find that they work well in pairs.  Two preds can push the oposite flank that my three squads attack.  If my opponent ignores them then I have rear armour shots turn one.  If my opponent tries to takle them then my 3 infintry squads take less heat.

Once I have the infantry finished - and the end is in site - I need to focus on the tanks.  I'm going to airbrush the tanks red gore and paint black on the panels with a brush (opposite as to my first rhino that is base coated).  The real challenge will be to model the twin linked heavy flamers.  My friend building the guard army (which looks amazing by the way and I'll post some photo's of it soon) is going to provide me with the turret Heavy Flamers from his Chimera's.  Got to figure out an effective way to model the Razorback using those bits.  As for painting a design, I found this Flesh Tearer painting blog on Bolter and Chainsword.  I love the way this fellow has painted the black buzz saw on his tanks.  I think I'm going to appropriate this and copy the pattern on my tanks.  As for the Baal Preds, I've glued the side inserts on one of them for the heavy bolters.  I tried removing them but the plastic glue used has welded the pieces together.  I'm thinking I'll do the same on the second Baal Pred to keep the two tanks consistent.  This will allow me to include the heavy bolters should I want to equip them.

Anyway, the army is coming together.  Once Seth is done, its downhill from there.  The heart and soul of the army will be completed and the rest should fall into place.

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