Friday, March 9, 2012

Taking two stegadons at 2000 points

The picture is of my original planned 1500 point list.  To take it to 2k all I would need to do is add some skinks and an ancient steg.  It would mean a lot less painting which is a great bonus.  I don't think it is optimized but it would look good on the table and I suspect fun to play.  The list I'm thinking about is as follows:

Slann - Dispel Scroll, Standard of Discipline, Focus of Mystery, The Focused Rumination

Scar-Vet - Light Armour, Shield, Venom

27 Saurus Warriors - Full Command, Spears
11 Skink Skirmishers
10 Skink Skirmishers

20 Temple Guard - Banner, Musician

Anctient Stegadon
2 Salamanders - 1 extra Skink

Total Points: 2000

At any rate I have some time before I decide how to focus the list.  Going to finish my saurus block this weekend and start painting my next block of minitures.


  1. Which Lore of Magic would the Slann be using? That'll make or break the army for optimising/funsies purposes. Light or Life Slann are Not Fun, after all... but they are Good.

  2. I figured I would go with the lore of life. Hopefully keep the stegadons topped up with wounds.