Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tentative 1000 point Lizardmen list

As my first unit is nearing completion I've been tossing around some ideas to set my sites on 1000 points.  I'm thinking now that I have my anvil I'll focus on chaff and flankers.  Plus I want a mage to take part in the magic phase.  This is what I have in mind:

Scar-Vet - Light Armour, Shield, Warrior Bane (really only taken to give him magical attacks)
Skink Priest - Dispel Scroll

27 Saurus Warriors - Banner, Musician, Spears
2 (10) Skink Skirmishers

3 (5) chamelian skinks

2 (1) Salamanders

Total Points 1000

Now I really don't know what makes a good list but I figure this is as well rounded a list I can make that includes the models I own.  My goal is to get 1000 points painted then perhaps switch gears and work on my Eldar (IA11) or Flesh Tearers for a bit.  One thing though, in order to get the chamelian skinks I need to try my hand at converting.  The plan is to cut off the fins and tails then green stuff eyes and tails.  I'm building this army on a budget.  An alternative list that I'm thinking about is dropping the chameleon skinks for 5 Saurus Calvary.  I've been told I need a hammer unit to work with my saurus block.  I know Saurus Calvary are frowned upon but I like the models and it would mean less painting and no converting.

With respect to the paint scheme It was pointed out to me that I may have made a mistake on painting the shields green and I think I agree.  Consequently I'm going to spray them with the demonic yellow primer from Army Painter to provide some interesting contrast in the unit.  I had picked up the spray can to use on my skinks and salamanders (yellow skin and orange scales).  I'm thinking the yellow shields will tie the skinks and saurus together thereby giving the army a nice effect when viewed as a whole.

As an aside, next on my painting que after the saurus is to paint up 20 skirmishers and 2 salamanders using common colour schemes.

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