Sunday, March 11, 2012

Started working on my skinks.

Just need to do some final touches on the banner then the saurus are ready to dip.  Thought I would put some skinks together and see how they look painted with the saurus.  I got to say, I really like the army painter coloured primers.  When I go back to 40k, I might use them on a new project.  I'm willing to bank that Chaos Space Marines will be included in the 6th edition boxed set.  I'm also thinking of picking up a battle box and a box of khorne beserkers.  After reading legon of the damned I've had a hankering to build a chaos space marine army of khorne beserkers.  After I finish a thousand points of lizardmen, I'll probably stop painting my fantasy army and go back to 40k.  That way I have 1000 points of lizardmen painted that I can take down to my FLGS to start learning how this game works.  I figure I need to get a few games under my belt before I build up the list.  I'm pretty firm on this being my first 1000 point list:

Scar-Vet - BSB, Light Armour, Shield

Skink Priest - Plack of Tepok

27 Saurus Warriors - Musician, Banner, Spears
10 Skink Skirmishers


2 Salamanders

Total Points: 1k on the nose.  I know not the best list going but still its got some great units in it.  It will allow me to take part in the magic phase, learn how to use a stegadon, and see how well cold blooded works with a BSB.  If I dropped the Steg I'm sure I could have a better list at 1k but I'm not too worried.  I don't expect to win much anyway with my first series of games.  One thing for sure though, I'm digging the idea of playing with a completely painted army.

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