Monday, March 12, 2012

Skink test model dipped

I dipped the skink last night to see how it will stand up against the saurus.  Its a low res photo so it does not pick up much detail around the eyes.  I had attempted to shorten my paint time by using scorpion green on the eyes.  The model will be ready tonight for the mat spray.  I kind of bollixed up the yellow under coat.  Rather than allow the primer to dry and apply a second coat, I soaked the model in the spray.  There has been a noticeable reduction of detail in the model as a result.  Once I finish this unit of skinks I'll paint up a second and take my time with the undercoat.  I do like the way the colours work though between the saurus warrior and skink skirmisher.  When I get to my temple guard I'm thinking they will get the same colour break down as the saurus except for painting their shields orange.

Here is a higher res photo:

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