Saturday, March 24, 2012

Paint Supplies

I popped into my local GW store this morning and received my first encounter with the new painting line.  One of the gaming tables had been cleared to set up 6 painting stations along with a bucket of plastic space marines free for the public to test out the new line.  Now, I did not actually paint up a mini with the new paints but I took a close look at what some people had done.

Over all I'm excited for the new range to hit the shelves.  The foundation and basic (layers) paint selection has been expanded which is always nice.  In particular, I tend to paint out of the pot (watered down) and try to avoid mixing colours.  Time being my enemy, I've found I spend too much of it trying to recreate past tones or hues.  With an expanded range, that gives me more tools that require less time to use.  A win win situation for me.

Another big win, as far as I can tell, is the new class of base paints.  No more basing with sand and elmers glue.  The new process if pretty slick, the sand is already mixed into the paint and provides a nice texture for your bases allowing for a finial dry brush and flock.  Speaking of drybrushing, another new line of paints is tailored just for this purpose.  I did not get a look at how effective this new style of highlight paint is but I did peer into the pot.  Its not really paint at all but rather almost a solid state chalky substance.  I'm interested to see how it pans out.  Also I peered into a glaze class paint and it looks like a watered down ink.  A couple of final thoughts: white foundation colour, ohh, I really want to see how this works.  Then there is another class of paints to be used for utility functions (such as liquid green stuff).  I take it there will be a paintable primer that I'm thinking would be quit handy.

So over all I can honestly say I'm actually really excited to get my hands on these new paints.

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