Thursday, December 11, 2014

Highlander Flesh Tearer Army: 1250 Points

Joined a 1250 point Highlander tournament for the new year.  The Above is the army and these are the rules:

  • Rules for the tourney league.
  • 3 game random draw round robin to determine rankings. Lists may be changed from game to game.
  • Everyone makes playoffs. Play ladder to be determined after round robin. For playoffs list will be locked in, ei no changes.
  • 1250pts
  • Normal rulebook force organization (with some restrictions below)
  • 0-1 unit entry other then troops (can only have one of each selection. Ei for your elites you can have 1 termy assault squad, 1 regular squad of termies, and 1 squad of sternguard. No duplicates on anything but troops).
  • The Troop may only ever have 2 of the same troop type. (Ex. 2 squads of tactical marines) For armies that only have 2 or less troop types they may take more then 2 units of a duplicate type only after they have taken all other troop options but can only ever have a deviation of 1 (Ex. If the player has 2 kabalite warriors squads and wants a third, the player will have to include 2 units of wychs before the player can include the third kabalite squad. In no case could the player have more then 3 kabalite squads or 3 wych squads because that would move them out of the deviation of one.) If there is only 1 troop type in the players codex they may ignor the deviation rule and can max out their troop selection to the total amount allowed in the force org (6). They may not take minimum squads and must take atleast half the total amount of models they can take rounding up to the nearest multiple of 5. (Ex a squad of necron warriors with a max squad size of 15 would have to take a minimum of 10 warriors because 7.5 is not a multiple of 5. The player may take more if they choose and bring the squad up to codex maximum, in this case 15 models).
  • Characters that change a units force organization are allowed as long as they follow all restrictions on this page. In no way can a unit be in two force org areas (ex. A squad cannot be taken as a troop and then another squad of the same type as an elite. That unit can only ever be one unit type.)
  • No restrictions on amount dedicated transports for troops other then you may only have one DT per troop selections (Ex a Guard Platoon may only take 1 chimera per platoon). For non troop units its 0-1. (Ei troop units of kabalite warriors can take raiders. But incubi and a bloodbride squad could not both have a raider)
  • No "apoc" units (ei no vehicles more then 4HP, no model with more then 6 wounds. No lords of war)
  • No flyers
  • No AA or intercepter
  • No forts
  • No MC or vehicle squads. Vehicle squads with a total AV value or 32 may take a squad of 2. (ei the player can only take one leman russ or carnifex as a choice rather then 3. But the player can take 2 land speeders in a squads).
  • Flying MC can only hover
  • No painting needed
  • No proxies
  • No allies no unbound
  • FW allowed as long as the unit(s) follow the above restrictions.
  • 20 dollar buy in.
  • Prize will be determined based on number of participants. Thinking to start early December (odviously break for xmas) or mid January.
I think based off the rumors I can get the below army for 1250 points.

HQ: Librarian
Elite: 1 x 10 Death Company: Power Fist, Power Sword x 2
Troops: 2 x 5 Tac Squads: Rhino, Melta Gun
Fast: 1 x 10 Assault Squad: Flamer x 2, Rhino
Heavy: Land Raider Crusaider: Multi-Melta

New Flesh Tearers

Oh Christmas has come early.  With all the rumours flying I've cobbled together an army of existing models on the eve of a new codex. 

Lord of War:


Death Company Dread
Death Company × 10:  power fist, power swords x 2

3 x 5 tac squads - rhino melta guns

10 Assault marines - 2 melta guns

Baal pred - bolter sponsons
Storm Raven

1500 points

Lots of better combos and options from what I can tell but its an army I have built.  If I proxy vanguard vets and a furioso for the death comoany models I think I can run the army properly as Flesh Tearers.  Though not sure if I can add in an HQ and lord of war to the detachment. 

Seth would likely do better with a squad of vanguard vets in a storm raven.  Cheap storm shields would give them a chance if the raven blows up while zooming.  Melta bombs to take on knights.  Squad is fearless with Seth.  Seth gets rampage, rage, +1 attack for any roll of 6 to hit plus a buff from librarian for d3 extra attacks.  Even with out special detachment rules  vanguard vets may be the best fit for Seth.  With an HQ slot open can take a priest for another great force multiplier.

Good times ahead.  Looking forward to playing a proper 7th edition army.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Dark Iyandin

Looking over new Dark Eldar this weekend.  More with an eye to to bolstering my ghost warriors.  I like that a raider can be taken in fast attack.  At 1500 points I would like to try the following.

Spirit seer

10 Wraithguard
5 Wraithguard, dscyths, wave serpent
5 Wraithblades



Archon - webway portal

2 × 5 warriors, venom


Total points 1455

Slogging the wraithguard accross the table has been a real pain.  With the option to deepstrike a big shooty unit and assault with the wraithblades it opens up alot of new options.  im going to proxy a game.  And try it out.  If I went this way I'm not sure how I would paint the DEldar.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Guardian squad built and ready for priming

Guardian squad is built.  I realy like these models but... there is a world of difference between the older sculpts and what is being released now.  Tons of mold lines to clean up and the assembly requires more attention to assure close fits of the parts.  That all said I do feel the newer mini's produced by gw have lost a lot of customization. 

I'm away this weekend so I likely won't get back to this squad until next week.  Plan is to prime white then prime with army painter yellow.  I'll paint the heads seperatetly after because of the delicate nature of painting yellow.  I'm debating drilling out the barrels of the guns.  The catapults have a squarish nozzle so im not sure if its worth the effort.

Not going to worry about what comes up in my next 500 point block.  Plan to just focus on my current 500 points.  Ill be going up against the new orks so I'll  have some fun challenging games ahead of me. 

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

1850 Iyanden, A New Direction:

Below is the current army I’m looking at for 1850. 

Autarch: - Jet Bike, Banshee Mask, Scorpion Sword (to be swapped out but 3 points is not much to pay for an extra attack), Soul Shrive.
Spirit Seer

6 Jet Bikes – 2 Shuriken Cannons
10 Guardian Defneders – Bright Lance
5 Wraith Guard – Serpent, Scatter Lasers, D-Scyths

3 Weapons of Vaul – Shadow Weavers

Ghost Warrior Detachment:
5 Wraith Blades – Axes
2 x 5 Wraith Guard
Wraithlord – Sword
Wraithlord – 2 Starcannons
Wraithknight – Warlord

Total Points: 1850

So I envision this army having 3 components. 

1)      Backbone:
a.       10 Guardian Defenders
b.      Wraithlord with Starcannons
c.       Weapons of Vaul
2)      Midfield:
a.       Spirit Seer
b.      Wraithlord with Sword
c.       5 Wraithblades
d.      2 x 5 Wraithguard
3)      Flanking
a.       Wraithknight
b.      Autarch
c.       Jetbikes
d.      D-Scythes in Wave Serpent

Using the the ghost warrior supplement I’ve spread the hatred USR throughout my army.  I think I have the tools to deal with mech, hordes or even Imperial Knights.  A bit weak in the anti-air department though.  Not sure if this army would fare well against helldrakes or a flying circus (mind you the hit to vector strikes works in my favour).

I really think the Autarch can shine.  With the Wraithknight designated as warlord it should take some heat off the Autarch.  He will be swinging first in almost every situation thanks to the Banshee Mask.  He has 5 attacks on the charge rerolling misses on weapon skill 6 (If I keep him within 6 inches of the Wraithknight for hatred).  I would like to get a turn two charge against a crummy back field opponent to boost up the Soul Shrive.  Turn three on he becomes a real beast in CC and I suspect able to go toe to toe with the big boys.  The jet bike squad that the Autarch is attached to can forgoe the jink save for a nice 4+ cover save thanks to the other special rule granted by the Wraithknight.

As for the midfield component, the 3 wraith squads plod forward supported by the Wraithlord .  The Wraithlord gets a nice 4+ cover save from the wraithguard and acts as a character in challenges to put down sergeants and whatnot.  This block of models also can gain access to furious charge and run/shoot not to mention furious charge.  I think it’s a solid midfield component to the army.

In the backfield I opted to take 10 guardians simply so I could have objective secured.  They are supported by the second Wraithlord.  I had tooled the big guy with Starcannons in 6th edition for precision shots.  I’m a bit sad characters lost this ability.  If I were to build him anew a probably would give him bright lances instead.  Still though, 4 strength 6 AP 2 shots is nothing to sneeze at.  I have not used the Weapons of Vaul unit yet but on paper they seem really good.  They should help thin out big units approaching my midfield squads to prevent them from being overwhelmed.

Time will tell I suppose if the above list is any good.  I can say with authority that I’ve enjoyed playing 40k a lot more with the wriath army.  As for the photo, I’m currently putting together 10 guardian defenders.  With them complete I want to finish painting 500 points of the army before moving on.  Bite sized components.  Ah the eternal struggle I start an army and never finish it.  At least with 500 points painted I can play some skirmish games while I tackle another 500 point chunk of the army.

Monday, June 9, 2014

1250 Iyandin Moving Along

So after months of talking about painting I've finally actually started up again.  Plugging away at my 1250 list.  The plan is to finish the base coat on all the models before shading and highlighting.  The list itself is nothing much but I like the models.   7th is about fun for me so building up I'll try to keep that idea in mind. 

I do have another 15 wraithguard half built.  Finishing those models will likely be my next move.  Though I'm really tempted to build a 1250 list of nids for some thematic gaming.  If I did that I would try and build a ballanced list to make for some good games.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Shining Spears + Iyanden

Still tinkering away at how I want to build my Iyandin army.  Not a big fan of including the Avengers.  Trying to avoid my old Eldar army lists to force myself into something new.  Right now I'm thinking of dumping the Avengers and adding in a unit of shining spears.  With invisibility getting dialed up to 11, I'm interested in running a unit of invisible shining spears.

Its almost the poor mans jetseer unit.  For half the price you get a unit with hit and run that hits hard.  Its not anywhere near as durable as the jetlocks but with invisibility, the unit becomes very hard to take out.  In order to make it work you need to make sure you have invisibility though.  One thing that is good about Iyanden is that the army has plenty of access to telepathy.  Multiple detachments aside, Iyandin also has the ability to spam decent psychers.

So the list that I'm thinking about now includes the following:

Farseer - Jetbike, Singing Spear
2 x Spirit Seer's

4 x 5 Wraithguard - Wraithcannons
5 Wraithguard - Wave Serpent, D-Scyths

9 Shining Spears - Exarch, Hit & Run, Star Lance

Wraithlord - Ghostglaive

Total Points: 1850

The plan is to roll all 7 powers on the telepathy table.  Its a gamble but I should be able to roll one five on seven rolls.  Really dig the telepathy primaris, psychic shriek with the increased range.  Over all its a solid discipline.

As it stands I've got 3 shining spears models so would have to buy another 6.  Also would have to break down and model a jetseer.  But after that army would be done.  I will proxy the models before making any purchases or scour ebay for some.  I think the shining spears add some nice mobility and punch that has been lacking in my earlier lists.  An alternative list could see me dropping 3 spears to fit in a 3rd spirit seer.  9 rolls on telepathy should increase the odds of rolling invisibility dramatically.

Thats all for now.