Sunday, February 20, 2011

1000 Points Flesh Tearers

I think I have my 1000 point list down that I plan to build.  In order to do it I will have to remove the jump packs on some of my assault troops.  Anyway here it is:

Librarian - Fear the Darkness, Shield
Honour Guard - 4 Plasma Guns, Company Standard (3d Company), Razorback (HB), Dozer Blade

Priest - Storm Bolter, Melta-Bombs

10 Man Tac Squad with Power Fist, Plasma Gun, Plasma Cannon, Rhino, Dozer Blade
9 Man Assault Squad with Power Fist, Meltagun, Rhino, Dozer Blade

Fast Attack:
2 Attack Bikes with Multi-Meltas

Total Points 1000

The Priest rides with the Assault Squad and the Librarian with the Honour Guard.  Essentially I see this list acting like a hammer and anvil.  The Tac squad along with the Honour Guard bee line it for center board.  On a flank I turbo the bikes in front of the assault squad to maximize cover saves.  The only real linking unit I have is the assault bikes.  But with two feel no pain bubbles, they can bounce between my two squads as needed while likely taking advantage of feel no pain and furious charge.  I think the attack bikes themselves will perform great.  On paper they seem awesome, feel no pain toughness 5 with 2 wounds.  Add in a relentless BS 4 Multi-Melta and you have pure win.  Especially when you think how cheap the unit is.

I really like the idea of 5-10 plasma gun shots a turn as well.  I plan to march them forward as quickly as possible then get out and start shooting.  They will have a 3+/4+ along with a +5 invul, plus they re-role moral and pinning checks thanks to the banner.  The Honour Guard plasma gun shots are pure gravy.  I also plan to use the rhinos as cover for the 2 squads.  Essentially, first turn they are out middle of the board squeezed in between the 2 rhinos with a line of site to my highest threat priority.  I think this will form as a durable and shooty anvil section of my list.

The Assault squad with the priest can handle anything.  Knock out landraiders, furious charge squads, feel no pain saves.  Along with the Attack Bikes these two units present a fast strong threat.   I envision playing my Tearers like Eldar.  They have fast vehicles and can respond well to different situations as they arise.

As an aside I will not be spending much time on the hobby during the next two weeks as I'm going on vacation.  I'll pick up my models later with a vision of what I want my 1000 point list to look like.

Turns out I had my Saturdays mixed up and the group will be getting together next week.  At any rate I got a game in against the guard list I played last week.  We decided to play a mission out of the battle missions book and randomly roled a space marine mission (I cannot remember the name but it's a lot like dawn of war where the marines are always attacking from their table edge and the opponent sets up on half the board).  My list was as follows:

Librarian - Blood Lance, Shield
10 Man Tac Squad with Meltagun, Powersword, Missile Launcher, Rhino
5 Assault Marrines with Meltagun.

The Guard army was as follows (to the best of my knowledge):

Command Squad with upgrades including 2 Meltaguns, some form of banner, powersword, Chimera
Platoon with 3 Autocannons, Grenade Launchers in the squads, small command squad with Meltaguns
Armoured Sentinal with Plasma Cannon.

The above photo shows the layout after my turn one was over.  All his heavy weapons were bunched up on the middle table edge.  I think this was a big mistake on the part of the guard as I was able to have a turn two assault.  My marines made short work of his heavy weapons and by turn three all he had left was guard infantry.  Turn 4 I was able to multi-assault 3 squads with my Tearers and essentially tabled the guard at that point.

Over all if the guard player had of put his heavy weapons closer to his table edge I would have had a much more difficult time getting my guys across the board.  I like how my list plays out and I'm starting to plan for my next 250 points.

One change I am thinking of though, not combat squadding the tac squad and giving them a plasma gun and plasma cannon.  Then take an honour squad with company banner and 4 plasma guns in a cheap razorback.  The librarian can ride with the honour guard.  The plan would be to seize middle ground then start blasting away with all the plasma.  Feal no pain mitigates the it gets hot rule.  Plus with the banner any unit in 12 inches re-roles moral and pinning checks.  At a thousand points I would also have a full assault squad likely reduced to 5 man units and a baal pred.

Not sure if it will work but I'm going to give it try and test it out.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Librarian Nearly Done

So I could not resist working on the librarian.  I figure if I have one nice center piece the rest of the army would look better with only three colours.  I also put a base coat down on the priest.  Not sure how I am going to paint his back pack though.

Over all I'm glad I switched to the Tearers, though I do have some guilt over leaving aside the Eldar.  I figure I'll wait until their 5th edition codex comes out before I finish them.  No point spending all the time painting them if their army composition changes with the new book.  I figure I'll get more enjoyment out of the game if I cut my teeth on a more up to date book.  As well, I really dig the Seth model and plan to include him once again when I start building my last 500 points.

If I plan to take Seth then I have to make sure he has a good ride.  So I picked up a new Storm Raven kit today.  I also acquired a Forge World Dreadnought Chaplin and plan to paint it up for when I start building my list over a thousand points.  I figure a Death Company Dreadnought could really tear things up assaulting from the Raven.  Move 12", Unload 2", Fleet d6", Assault 6" for a total possible 24" assault range on first turn (not to mention the extra few inches the dreadnought base has).  In a dawn of war mission this combo would wreak face.  Elect to go second then pounce with the storm raven first turn.

Anyway, everything on target for Saturday.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Librarian Base Coat

Worked on my Flesh Tearer's a bit today.  Have my base coat down on the librarian and a wash of devlin mud.  Going to move on to finish base coating the rest of my infantry.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Night's work

So far so good.  Base coat is done on the rhino (I'll dry brush silver on the metal bits).  Time to get the base coat down on the rest of the infantry.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Painting Plan

Not the best photo, it's my 500 point list from last post (with the librarian).  They are now put together, based and primed.  I have a base coat down on the tac squad as well.  The plan is to get a base coat down on everything first.  That way they are table top ready.  Then, will go back and edge the models.  Hopefully I will be able to get a large chunk done by Saturday for my next game with this list.

Here's a better photo:

Sunday, February 13, 2011

500 Points Flesh Tearers

Game 1:


HQ: Seth
10 Tac Squad with melta-gun, missile launcher and rhino
5 Assault with melta-gun

Total: 500 points


command squad in chimera
troop platoon
armoured sentinel

I lost the game.  Big mistake splitting my army up on the advance.  Second, Seth is just too expensive at this point level.  Not to mention the mass of guard fire power.  Fun game though.  Made some changes for game two.

Game 2:


Librarian with blood-lance and shield
10 Tac Squad with melta-gun, missile launcher, power sword and rhino
5 Assault with melta-gun

Space Wolves

Rune Priest with wolf talisman, jaws, lightning
Lone Wolf, plasma pistol, thunder-hammer
2 x 7 Grey Hunters, melta-gun and rhino

This game went a lot smoother.  I won but the wolves had some very poor dice as well.  The game was won when my librarian took out his rune priest.  Having the feel no pain with furious charge helped a lot as well.  Over all I kept my units meat balled together and advanced up the board.  The best move I made all game was blocking one of his rhinos and being able to deal with only half his force played a big part in my win.  Anyway next time I think I will tryout some different librarian powers like fear the darkness or unleash rage.

The big win this afternoon though was playing with plastic models over metal ones.  Thats one beef I have with the Eldar models is that they are largely metal.  Hopefully the Eldar will not be the last codex of 5th edition.  When/if it comes out I hope we will see plastic aspect warriors and plastic wraith-guard.  Dare to dream...

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Fun 1000 point pathfinder list

Going to get a game in at my local store this Thursday, thought I would try out the following 'fun list'

Autarch - chainsword, mandiblaster, fusion gun, jump generator - 120 points

9 Scorpions + 1 Exarch with claw, stalker, shadow strike - 212 points

6 Pathfinders - 144 points
6 Pathfinders - 144 points

5 Warp Spiders - 110 points
2 Vipers with EML's - 130 points

2 Warwalkers with EML's - 140 points

I think it will be a fun list to play though not the most efficient use of points.  I think in order to be effective I have to keep my EML's at maximum range and pop transports early.  The Scorpions will act as a speed bump against units that get too close to my Pathfinders.  Finally the Warpspiders and Autarch will jump around to support the rest of my list as needed.  We'll see how it turns out.