Thursday, February 17, 2011

Librarian Nearly Done

So I could not resist working on the librarian.  I figure if I have one nice center piece the rest of the army would look better with only three colours.  I also put a base coat down on the priest.  Not sure how I am going to paint his back pack though.

Over all I'm glad I switched to the Tearers, though I do have some guilt over leaving aside the Eldar.  I figure I'll wait until their 5th edition codex comes out before I finish them.  No point spending all the time painting them if their army composition changes with the new book.  I figure I'll get more enjoyment out of the game if I cut my teeth on a more up to date book.  As well, I really dig the Seth model and plan to include him once again when I start building my last 500 points.

If I plan to take Seth then I have to make sure he has a good ride.  So I picked up a new Storm Raven kit today.  I also acquired a Forge World Dreadnought Chaplin and plan to paint it up for when I start building my list over a thousand points.  I figure a Death Company Dreadnought could really tear things up assaulting from the Raven.  Move 12", Unload 2", Fleet d6", Assault 6" for a total possible 24" assault range on first turn (not to mention the extra few inches the dreadnought base has).  In a dawn of war mission this combo would wreak face.  Elect to go second then pounce with the storm raven first turn.

Anyway, everything on target for Saturday.

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