Tuesday, May 5, 2015

1500 Points of Iyandin

Getting the army built is taking longer than I thought.  Time is a precious commodidity that I have little in store of lately.  Still though, the guardian boxes came in and I've started assembling them.  On the painting side of things, getting a white then army painter yellow coat down will take no time at all.  I will paint up the blue bits en masse.  Then its a dark brown for the weapons (later to be highlighted bone colour for a wraithbone look) and a quick splash of paint on the bases.  This will give me my three colour min army wide.  Only then will I look at highlighting the models.  Frankly I've got my first wave of robotech tactics sitting on a shelf waiting to be assembled.  Want to start that project up sooner than later as well.

The list above is as follows:

Wraith Host:

Spirit Seer - Kurnous's Bow (had the points left over)
2 x 5 Wraithguard
5 Wraith Axes
Sword Lord
Wraith Knight - (probably switch out to sword from photo above)

Guardian Defender Host

Far Seer - Spear, Stone
3 x 10 Guardians - EML's
Viper - EML
War Walker - Scatter Lasers
Weapon of Vaul - Vibro Cannon (only have bits to build vibro cannon)

Total Points - 1500

Not sure if EML's are worth it even though they have skyfire.  AP 4 gives flyrants a armour save.  Still though 4 shots a turn at regular BS should help deal with flying monstrous critters.  Helldrakes will be the bane of my army I think.  Having twin linked across the board for my wraith units might help out in this department.

At the end of the day the above list is not uber broken.  For one thing there is no mass S.6 scatter bikes.  It is a foot list that though relatively fast, is not really so much when compared to a standard Eldar list template.  At any rate just need to plug along to get the army built then I'm off to my FLGS with an army to run for the next 6 months or so.

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  1. I am really looking forward to seeing Robotech being painted!