Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Playing Iyanden Responsibly

So I'm fealing the hate with the new Eldar book.  Still going with Iyandin.  No way I'm paying for a new army.  That said I could do to tone the list down.  So the only ranged d I'll take will be on the wraith guard.  Mainly because they are built and on the way to being painted.  The wraithknight will take a sword with no upgrades.  Wraith axes rather than d-scyths.  So the wraith host will still come in at 960 points.

I still want to run the guardian host.  No where near the power level of the scatter bikes.  Still though, will not take a d weapon for my weapon of vaul.  Building up from 1500 points I want to beef up the viper and war walker squads. 

For fun I think I will add a Phoenix lord to the mix.  Some warlocks and more wraithblades.  I would love to add a hemlock to continue with the Iyandin theme but it is too contriversial. 

Spirit Host:
Spirit Seer
8 wraith blades
2 x 5 wraithguard
Wraithlord - sword
Wraithknight - sword

Guardian Host:
3 defender guardian squads - eml, warlock, spear
Viper - eml
Shadow weaver 

Banshee PL (might replace with hawk pl)

Total Points 1750

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