Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Craftworld Eldar Initial Thoughts

Just finished reading new codex.  Big changes.  Some initial thoughs in point form from my phone:

-cheaper points accross the board as seen with free aspect and exarch powers.  Free skyfire for all eldar eml's.  Banshee's reduced in points.  Crimson hunter, viper, wave serpent, night spinner, reduction in points.  Scatter lasers reduced by 5 points accross the board (no laser lock). 

-exarch's and aspects look like a lot of fun to play. 

-the bonus for taking a guardian host and formations is amazing for wraithguard.  All models in the army have guaranteed 6"run move.  Wraithguard get battle focus to boot as part of there formation.  Guardians with this rule have an effective 24 inch threat range.

-jet bikes are all sorts of cool.  Might be better to go down that road instead of guardian defenders.

-I will not feal guilty for running my iyanden army! Lol.  But I just need to pick up 2 boxes of guardians and ive got my battle host and wraith army covered. 

-but before I spend money on new models I will be playing a couple of games with a standard foc chart. 

-I love the new plastic models!  Lots of more options for me to grow my all plastic army.

-was in a malaise with the hobby after BA release.  I'm all fired up again.

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