Thursday, April 23, 2015

Craftworld Iyanden

So I've digested the new codex and have put a list together that I think should be fun to play.  I'm not giving up on my Iyanden army that I was working on before the drastic changes.  That means the Wraithknight and Wraithguard stay around with all their D glory.  If it turns out these units are over the top then I'll revisit the list.  Anyway, going with the defender guardian host and wraith host as a template.  While the use of these formations really limits the scope of choice when designing a list, it amounts to an army that I was well on the way to building prior to the changes.  At bare min the guardian host costs 500 points.  As I've kitted out my wraith models the detachment will come in at 960 points.  My goal is to play at 1500 points while I get back to painting my army.  I have a consistent painting strategy that will get the army into table top condition.

The break down of units are as follows:

Guardian Battle Host:

Farseer - Spirit Stone
3 x 10 Defender Guardian squads - EML upgrades
1 Viper - EML
1 Walker - Scatter Lasers, Ghost Walk
1 Weapon of Vaul - shadow weaver

Total Points - 540

Wraith Host:

Spirit Seer
5 Wraith Blades - axes
2 x 5 Wraithguard - D guns
Wraithlord - sword
Wraith Knight - 2 D-guns (though thinking of the sword instead)

Total Points - 960

What I like about the list is that I keep my theme.  Bar the new gargantuan critter in the list I do not think it is anywhere near over the top.  EML's in guardian units for free and the 15 point EML for the viper give me a nice little anti-air option that I struggled with before in my old army.  With the new guaranteed 6" battle focus rule that all models get now I feel like the army will be a lot of fun on the table top with the reliable movement options.  The guardians and wraithguard now have a solid 24" threat range.  Its been a while since I last played so at the end of the day I have no idea how it will perform, but my local meta is filled with a bunch of good fellas to game with.

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