Saturday, June 1, 2013

First Stab With Mechdar 2000 points

Book in hand! Great times ahead with a fresh take on an old army.  First thing I should mention is that I'm having a nerdish breakdown.  Super stoked with new book.  Consequently I'll likely just ramble off lists and spew a lot of giberish over the next while as I digest the new codex.  That said and behind me, thought I would take a crack at a return to my old mechdar.  First the list then my thoughts behind it:

Autarch - Fusion Gun

10 Storm Guardians - 2 Fusion Guns, Wave Serpent, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Underslung Cannon, Holo-Fields
3 x 10 Avengers - Wave Serpent, Twin Linked Scatter Lasers, Underslung Cannon, Holo-Fields

2 Crimson Hunters

Wraith Knight
2 Fire Prism's - Holo Fields

Total Points 2k on the nose.

14 Kill Points
4 squishy troop selections
6 4+ cover saving fast skimmer tanks
2 glass cannon flyers
+1/-1 manipulation of the reserve roll
Big MC to act as a swiss army knife

Dakka Potential:
69 rending lite strength 4 shots a turn shuriken pistols and riffles (plus additonal twin linked catapults on fire prisms)
12 twin linked rending lite strength 6 shots a turn
16 twin linked strength 6 shots a turn
4d6 + 4 twinlinked ignore cover pinning strength 7 shots a turn
3 strength 8 melta shots a turn
8 strength 8 shots a turn
2 strength 10 shots a turn

Starting with reasons to take the Autarch: I figure with a mech army that pyschic support would be hamstrung as everyone will be mounted in transports.  Also he is one of the cheapest HQ options in the new dex.  Thinking about it some more, his reserve manipulation ability would help out tremendously keeping the Crimson Hunters alive or maximizing their dakka during any given game.  Intercepting quad guns and the like will own the new jet fighters with only av10 armour.

I figure if you are going to take a Crimson Hunter, why not take 2 lol.  Great at knocking out flyers.  Also figure if I only take one there is the chance that I completely loose the utility of including a flyer.  Redundancy is king and with 2 flyers I can improve my odds that I can get the most out of them.  Also the reserve manipulation helps out a ton.  One thing I noted about the Autarch ability is that you can decide to add or take away one from your roll on a model to model basis.  I like this as I can stagger my jets coming in from reserve if I wish.

Wave Serpent I talked about before.  After some more thought I don't know if the underslung cannon is required.  Moving 12" a turn only allows me to fire 2 guns at full ballistic skill.  With the holo-fields I plan to be shooting off the shield most of the time.  Mind you, if I take the underslung cannons it allows me to keep my options open if I need to keep the serpents defensive in nature.  On added benefit to keeping the shields defensive of course is that if my tank is removed from play it likely will be to loosing hulls points turning it into a wreak.  This allows my MC then to take advantage of a 4+ cover save from standing in a wreak.

The Wraith Knight I plan to run behind the Serpents to get a 5+ cover save and hunt down models that are required to be doubled out or immediate threats to my tanks.  Also plan to use it like a line blocker jumping in front of my tanks if required to prevent the enemy from assaulting my tanks.  A real swiss army knife lol.  The 2 strength 10 shots are backed up with the 2 fire prism shots.  Really dig fire prisms as they allow you to remain flexible through out the game.  Strength 9 lance will be the bane of av13/14 vehicles.  Large blast ap3 and blast ap2 are not to shabby either.

30 Avengers stock, with 6th edition one can no longer sit the game out in transports so I need something to actually reach out and score on objectives.  With the inherent leadership 9 I'm thinking the best build for them is on the cheap as they get so many great abilities stock.  With me taking an Autarch I figure I could kill a couple of birds with one stone by equipping him with a fusion gun.  The Storm Guardians allow me to get 2 more fusion guns  along with him.  Still a very fragile unite but at least if required I can tank incoming shots to the squad with the 3+/4++ save of the Autarch.  BS 4 and WS 4 I 5 gives them a bit of an edge against the weaker races of the 40k universe.

That is that and another list plotted out.  Scaling it back to 1850 I would remove one of the Crimson Hunters.  Also, I could drop the underslung cannons to give the Wraith Knight the points to upgrade his weapon to the heavy 3 plasma cannon and 5++ save.  Going to play around with the list.

As it stands I've picked up my new models so I will start focusing on building the army as soon as tonight.  Stay tuned for more nonsensical rambles...


Here is question that I will need to look up, does the crimson hunter get a cover save by obstructing 25%  line of site with the wraith knight?

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