Sunday, June 2, 2013

Wraith Knight Magnetized

Wraith Knight built and magnetized.  Only missing bits are the shoulder mounted weapons that I'll get to later.  Also put together the plastic Farseer (great model).  Behind the Wraith Knight is a 1250 list that is made up entirely of plastic models.  Just need to finish putting together one squad of Dire Avengers.  With the Wraith Knight my 1500 point list is as follows:

Farseer - singing spear

2 x 10 Avengers - wave serpent, scatter lasers, holo-field
10 Avengers - exarch, shield + power weapon, shield of grace, wave serpent as above

2 Fire Prisms - holo-fields
Wraith Knight - plasma cannon

Total Points 1500

The Farseer will ride with Exarch to act as his body guard.  100% plastic army.  1500 points is the goal right now as I've a friend who has just built 1500 points of raven wing dark angels.  Going to get some games in to break in this new book.

As for magnetizing it was relatively easy as the kit gives you 2 sets of arms.  Thats all for now.


  1. how was putting him together? do the legs give you any movement like the riptide does or is it still very static like the wraithlord?

  2. Hey, what size magnets did you use for the Wraithknight?

  3. Thanks for the comments guys:

    @ FoolishHyena

    The model went together very well. All the pieces fit together tightly. Only one minor complaint, there are two vents that mount under the chest plate. Instruction have you put them on second, would make it a lot easier if you install those bits first then place the chest piece on. As for possibility. The legs are poseable from the knees down and there are tabs that can be removed at the knee and ankle joints that allow more freedom of posing. Would have been nice if this freedom of movement was included at the hip joints.

    @ Jonathan Boynton

    Not sure on size, the magnets are about 1-2 mil thick and about 5-10 mil in diameter?? Guess at best. I took some more photo's focusing in on the actual magnets, and will try and post them up this afternoon.

  4. looking at the picture am I right assuming it has a similar hip system to the wraithlord?

  5. I'm not sure, been awhile since I put a wraithlord model together. The upper thigh is in a fixed position when it inserts into the hip joint. The left upper thigh is in a forward position and the left is pointing back. You could cut the big square tabs that line up the legs into the hip. to create more freedom of movement.