Sunday, June 16, 2013

1850 Built Eldar Army

1850 points of Eldar built (with a couple of minor exceptions):

Farseer - spirit stone, singing spear

5 Wraith Guard - wave serpent, holo, lasers

3 x 10 Avengers - wave serpent, holo, lasers
2 x 5 Rangers

2 Fire Prisms - holo
1 Wraith Knight

Total Points: 1850

So this is it.  Army is built and now onto finishing up magnetizing and painting.  I need to figure out something for the tank bases.  I refuse to continue with the GW supplied ones.  I'm thinking golf tee's shaved off at either end glued onto a thin piece of round plywood.  Magnetize the top of the tee to the tank.  I'll play around until I find something I like.  Not a big fan of the plastic bases.  Especially since my tanks are 3-4 years old.  The stands have worn a bit so my tanks flop all over the place playing any given game.  Need to magnetize the last serpents gun and magnetize the serpents underslung gun.  After that do one glance over the unprimed models for mold lines then bring on the primer.  I need to dig around all my bits boxes as well.  Missing the turret mount for last wave serpent.  Also need to find one more scatter laser.

As for the army, I know I have been talking about dumping the fire prism's but they serve a function and I don't really want to spend more money on the army right now.  Now is the time to get as many games under my belt before I make any drastic changes.  Besides, I think I may have come up with a solution to the fast in your face armies after chatting it up on the 11th company forums.  I was lamenting about my loss to the raven wing when a seasoned Eldar player suggested I use rangers to block the opposing bikes.  I did not think about the game turn priority between infiltrating units and scout moves.  With my 2 ranger squads I can deny my opponent their scout move thereby pushing back their initial movement 12 inches from my deployment zone.   This would also work for korne dogs I suspect.  No more double tapping into my tanks turn one if I go second.

I think this is especially potent if you are playing on a nova style table top.  Rangers can infiltrate on the mid ruins out of site.  This splits the opponents army up to the flanks as I've denied the scout move down the middle.  I can then in turn refuse a flank to focus on the other army piecemeal.  Big bonus points for bringing it back to my Alaitoc theme as well lol.  Also like the idea I'm not screwed if I go second.

I do think I might be better served swapping my fire prisms for a wraith knight, but with my rangers blocking the initial thrust, my fire prisms might actually do a good job.  Also, been watching the killadelphia tournament that the 11th company put up on Ustream this weekend.   The extra long range shooting from the fire prisms might be worth keeping.  Especially against tau.  It would be nice to get rid of those skyrays turn one if possible.  4 wave serpents and 2 twin linked fire prisms could take out 2 skyrays.  This then leaves the Eldar army out of range from the remaining broadside unit or riptides from retaliation.  Next turn focus on killing off remaining marker lights.  Its a rough plan but I'm glad I was able to see some hard tau armies at play.

So no more changes I hope, as I want to start on the next stage of completing my army.  I also have lizardmen coming down the pipe to think about.  What great ways will I be able to expand my fantasy army.  So for now this is my list.  Could be better, but it could be a lot worse.  I have a plan and at the end of the day it is my list and not a net list which is nice.

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  1. If you are at all interested in magnetizing, I have found k'nex or cheaper knock off versions like magz to be excellent replacements for the GW supplied bars. I use the GW supplied plastic base still.