Thursday, June 6, 2013

Second Game in With Eldar

Thursdays at my local game store are 1250 point games.  So I brought the following:

Farseer - singing spear

3 x 10 Avengers - wave serpent, holo, lasers
5 Avengers

Falcon - holo, star
Fire Prism - holo

1250 points on the nose

I got one game in today, played another Eldar player.  Adding up the points for the blog post I realize he was about 210 points over the limit lol.  He had a footdar list with the following:


5 Fire Dragons - exarch, fire pike

10 Guardians - EML
9 Avengers - wave serpent, lances
5 path finders

Fast Attack:
Crimson Hunter - Exarch

Wraith Knight
6 Reapers - Exarch, EML, Star missles
War Walker

He got first turn and took out my fire prism with his reapers.  He poured quite a bit of fire power into my tanks but they held up for the most part (lost about 3 hull points across 2 tanks).  After I got my turn the game swung completely in my favour.  Was able to get my 4+ jink saves up.  also had rolled fortune, death mission and guide on my farseer so the falcon was fortuned and guided for most of the game (lost one wound on far seer turn 3 with a peril).  I simply just skirted the edges and focused on killing all his fire power that could touch my tanks.  The Falcon put 3 wounds on the wraith knight that was ultimately taken down by 2 squads of blade storming Avengers.  The Crimson Hunter went down as well to the volume of fire power of the serpents.  I had tabled him on my turn 4.  Stoked that my list did so well with the 200 point difference.  Need to get some more games in.

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