Wednesday, June 5, 2013

First Game With Eldar 1500 points

I posted this up on the 11th company forum after my first game today.  Figured I could repost it here as I don't really want to type it up again.

Just had my first game with the new book. Brought mostly my 5th edition list along with the wraith knight stock. I had the following 1500 point army.


Farseer - spear


3x10 avengers - ws, holo, laser
5 avengers
wraith knight
fire prism - holo
falcon - star cannon, holo, spirit stone

I played against raven wing with guard allies. Not sure exactly what he had in his list but it was lead by samuel. I could not believe the fire power my list put out. I shot 2/3rds of my army turn one and nearly tabled him before we called it quits (had 5 marines left on the table). The wave serpent is simply amazing. The army is a lot like a mech guard army from 5th edition. The closer you get to it the more fire power it puts out. 10 blade storming avengers does a lot of damage to mec. Also the 18 inch range was crucial. Allowed me to run some of my Avengers to squeeze out a few more inchs so they could fire (on the first turn to boot).

It was only one game and it was a bad match up for my buddy (and in all fairness had no clue what to expect) but I don't think there is much in the game right now that can handle mech Eldar. AV 13 Necrons would likely be a challenge but what else? Hell Drakes don't really pose a problem. Missile spam always gave me grief in 5th edition and I would imagine that if it was still prevalent it would be a concern. But at the end of the day its the d6+1 shots that ignore cover that makes mechdar strong. Nothing is safe from those shots at 60 inch range. They certainly would take out entrenched long fangs and the like turn one. The are absolutely brutal for someone to deal with.

Another strong point for the mechdar list I suspect is the ability to pick up secondary objectives. First blood is not something that mechdar will give up easily. Also, with the mobility offered by the fast tanks, line breaker is not to hard to grab either.

Anyway, my list is not even optimized so you could get more fire power into a competitive list. One thing though, I don't think the min davu upgrade is the way to go. At least from my one game, the massed anti-infantry shots that shuriken catapults bring really round out the list.
In 5th edition I exchanged volume of fire for durable fast tanks. It was the trade off that made Eldar an army that had to be very careful with how it moved. But now the army puts out a metric ton of fire power at the cost of hull points. Its a trade off I can live with.

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