Monday, June 10, 2013

Dreaming of Iyanden

I started putting my unit of wraithguard together and have instantly fell in love with the models.  Very dynamic and individual.  I'm giving some serious thought to starting an Iyanden army.  Painting wise I think If I use the same blue and yellow colours as on my tanks but reverse the priority (ie body yellow head blue) that I would not be looking at painting a completely new scheme.  Just awesome looking models that are really imposing on the table top.  To provide a sense of scale matched a model up with a couple of regular sized models below.

Not sure how a pure army would play on the table.  Seems that there is a lot of poison and plasma in the game right now.  But the rule of cool is calling me: 5 spirit seers, 30 wraith guard, 2 wraith lords and a wraith knight would look spectacular on the table.  I'll pick up the codex supplement and see if any of the fluff grabs my attention.


  1. Wraithguard are amazing models, I'm running a full Iyanden army, but man those arms are a serious pain to get together!

  2. Ya I hear ya on the arms. I mail ordered a bunch a couple of weeks ago and I'm patiently waiting for them to arrive. Going to copy the method over on zen 40k and use army painter to paint them up. All after I finish my first batch of Eldar