Saturday, June 8, 2013

Game 3 with Eldar

Got my third game in with my 1250 Eldar list.  Did not make changes with Rangers as I forgot to pack the models.  Played another Raven Wing army (different player).  The above photo is his 1250 list.  He is also a strong player at my local game store so I was glad for the challenge.  Off my memory he had:

Command Squad with FnP banner
2 full squads of bikes with 4 plasma guns and 2 multi melta attack bikes.
6 bike strong of black knights

I had:

Farseer - spear (rolled mind war, guide, eldritch storm, warlord power 12 in bubble reroll wound rolls)
3 x 10 Avengers - wave serpent, holo, laser
5 Avengers

Fire Prism - holo
Falcon - holo, star

He had first turn and scouted real close.  It was really daunting looking at his army to tell the truth.  In fact the most important die I rolled was to seize the initiative of which I did.  Tables completely turned at this point.  I was able to unload my army into his bikes and set up my jink saves.  So, I moved my tanks up 6 inches and disembarked my avengers and farseer.  Battle focused my infantry into 18 inch shuriken range.  Then poped my warlord power and tore into him.  Killed Samuel, 8 bikes, attack bike and the dark shroud.  I really crippled his momentum.  I must say though the kill tally likely would have had an extra 4 or 5 bikes but for his FnP banner.  Picture bellow shows the kill tally from my turn one shooting.

Picture below shows the bottom of turn 2 after my opponent moved.  He did quit a bit of damage he blew up some avengers and the fire prism.  Then charged into my lines.  Assault result he blew up tank and broke 2 of my avenger units.  The avengers rally and fall back right to my board edge.  I managed to kill another 6 bikes or so.

Photo bellow shows bottom of turn three before he moved or shot.  He charges into my Avengers once again.  I killed the assault bike in overwatch.  Last bike squad charges avengers and farseer.  One avenger dies to hammer of wraith and my squad kills 2 bikes.  He kills remaining avengers and farseer is down to one wound.  Farseer breaks and runs off board.

Top of turn 4 he only had 2 bikes left on the table.  I had everything above but for the farseer and his squad.  We called the game here and shook hands.  It was a fun game.  Could have easily gone the other way if I had not seized initiative.  Big plus for the warlord power that lets me reroll 1's to wound for one turn of shooting.  Those first two warlord powers really work with my list as I tend to set up a big volley once per game.  Re-rolling those ones easily accounted for 3 extra bikes dead on the first turn.

I'm absolutely loving ten avengers in a serpent.  It is so versatile and can really handle anything thrown at it.  I don't know why anyone would run min squads of avengers.  The extra 6 inch range, leadership 9 counter attack and the 4+ armour save is totally worth spending an extra 4 points a model.

After the game had a good chat with opponent over the pro's and con's of my list.  In his opinion Tau and Necrons could cause me some grief.  He also figured falcon was weakest link and he is right.  Not ready to give up on it yet as I've yet to face any real number of MC's with it.  I have a feeling if I'm facing chaos or even tau MC's that those 4 AP2 shots a turn will come in handy combined with my rending light avengers.  Anyway another game under my belt with the new Eldar.  Thanks for reading.

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