Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eldar Farseer Painting Steps

After priming the model I first did a quick blue base paint on the cape with Kantor Blue.  I then painted the face plate with Alaitoc Blue simply to help define the edges of the helmet before painting my yellow.  All yellow started with Averland Sunset.  I then worked my way up to Flash Gitz Yellow with a number of thin coats.  I also added more layers as I painted out of the recesses to help provide depth.  Final step for yellow was to edge high light with a 50:50 mix of Flash Gitz and White.

This just shows the back side of the model from first photo.  Yellow is done and only one blue base coat.

Worked quite a bit on the cape.  Layered out of the crevaces using Alaitoc Blue Hoth Blue and Ice Blue (old paint line).  Also panted the leather and wraithbone bits a brown base that I will differentiate with layers on the next step.  I think it was bestial brown from old paint line.

Painted the wraith bone bits bleached bone (old line).  The staff handle is not painted yet but will be bleached bone as well.   Also applied a wash of Asurman Blue (again old line) to cape to tone down the highlights.  Leather bits are painted with a lighter brown (not sure of name old line something leather).  The staff head I was trying to go for a purply weapon effect.  Failed.  Need to practice on other models before I go back and try to fix.

Backside again.

Gems painted up and washes applied to wraithbone (earth shade).  The belt was simply a green wash over the white primer. 

Model is done for gaming purposes.  Looking at these photo's I think I should go back to do a few touch ups.  Notably the yellow splashes on the blue collar.  Also not happy with singing spear.  I really want to work on painting weapons up with a sheen to make it pop.  

And started working on a squad of Avengers last night.

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