Tuesday, January 28, 2014

First game at 2k with lizardmen

So I had a chance to run the previous list last night.  Not a full fledged battle report just a few notes on how it performed.

-scarnosaur needs charmed shield and ironcurse token.  Opponents turn one my carnosaur took a cannon shot that did 5 wounds.   No more carnosaur.  Even if the chance to save those wounds is remote, some form of defence is required. 

-chamo skinks rock.  My turn one I was able to put 3 wounds on the cannon almost preventing my carnosaur from being shot.  I either need to invest in more chamo skinks or present more pressure turn one vs cannons.  To get me over the 4 wound hump.

-skinks rock.  Again my skinks are the mvp unit in my army.  Was able to draw abomb away from game with multiple flee reactions.  Another unit put 3 wounds on the doom wheel forcing it to go out of control and slam into a building killing it. 

- ancient steg rocks.  It's such a versatile monster.  4d6 poison shots, impact hits with d3 multiple wounds, stubborn,  thunder stomps... it provides a lot of utility and pressure.   One advantage to running carnosaur is that the steg is ignored.  Last game it put a wound on the doom wheel and ran down a big block of slaves.

- I need a dispel scroll.  I took a dreaded 13th spell on the chin.  I need to be able to shut down a super spell.

-life is good but high magic may be better.  Going to pick up loremaster for next game.  Bsb goes on the chopping block to help pay for slann upgrades.  Ive yet to need it in last three games.  Also will provide points to upgrade carnosaur.

-highmagic gives me walk between worlds which will give ability to put more pressure on cannon either with javelin skink squad or steg.  Should help put existing poison shots over the top to try and kill cannon turn one.  Plus the lore provides a little bit of everything.

-as for spells, I need to work on that element of the game.  I keep getting shut down.  Also cannot rely on magic for general strategies.   I think the best approach is to view magic as simply the icing on the cake.

-below are a series of photos showing the progress of the game.  We did not finish as store was closing.  We both agreed that game could have still swung either way.


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  2. New list. This one feels solid.

    Grey Seer [240]
    + Earthing Rod [25]
    + Skalm [30]
    + Screaming Bell [200]
    = 495

    Chieftain [45]
    + Storm Banner [50]
    = 95
    Warlock Engineer [15]
    + Dispel Scroll [25]
    + Level 1 Wizard; Skaven Spells of Ruin [50]
    + Warplock Pistol [8]
    = 98
    Warlock Engineer [15]
    + Doomrocket [30]
    = 45

    34 Stormvermin [238]
    + Fangleader [10]
    + Musician [5]
    + Standard Bearer [10]
    = 263
    35 Clanrats [140]
    + Clawleader [8]
    + Musician [4]
    + Standard Bearer [8]
    = 160
    34 Skavenslaves [68]
    + Musician [2]
    = 70
    34 Skavenslaves [68]
    + Musician [2]
    = 70
    9 Giant Rats [27]
    + Packmaster [8]
    = 35
    9 Giant Rats [27]
    + Packmaster [8]
    = 35

    8 Gutter Runners [96]
    + slings [8]
    + Poisoned Attacks [40]
    = 144

    Hell Pit Abomination [235]
    + warpstone spikes [15]
    = 250
    = 150
    Warp Lightning Cannon
    = 90

    2,000 points

  3. Awesome man, I think taking the extra chaf is a good idea. This is my revised list as it stands for next week.

    Slann - dispel scroll

    Scarvet - enchanted shield, carnosaur, loping stride

    24 Saurus - full command, spears
    2 x 10 Skirmishers - blow pipes
    10 Skirmishers - javelins

    2 x 5 Chamo Skinks
    20 Temple Guard - champion, banner

    Ancient Stegadon - sharpened horn

    Decided to strip the Slann right down to the bone. Life magic gives me thrown of vines and the healing will come in handy with 3 monsters. Also the temple guard could always do well with a 4+ regen save.