Thursday, January 30, 2014

Lizardmen Rule of Cool part 2

Changing up the 2k list some more.  Chamo skinks are awesome and all but the models I have are used with someone elses paint job.  Can't seem to get behind the unit because of this.  So I put together the skink priest and a terradon model.  Going with double scroll and the skink chief redirector.  The army looks a lot cooler with the inclusion of the new models.  Seeing as I'm only learning the game right now I don't really care if my army is fully optimal. 

Below is a snap shot of my 2k army as it stands.  I'm going to spray the terradon the same colour as the saurus and both skink characters yellow.  Still not sure how to paint the carnosaur.  It goes to the back of the que and hopefully I'll be inspiried by the time I get to it.

oh and here is a close up of the other temple guard.


  1. I started Lizards last year or two years and with the new book I feel like a noob again! I really enjoy reading your posts on your experience about the Lizards. Makes me go and paint and play right now! :)