Thursday, February 6, 2014

Fine tuning Lizardmen at 2k

Not much done last while.  Was at function for work last weekend so little progress (actually, no hobby time).  Looking forward to dwarf release.  Also I've fine tunned my 2k list.  Dropped the cube of darkness and picked up channelling staff for slann.  Also picked up harmonic so I keep my 3 5+ channel dice.  The cube of darkness did not really fit with life slann due to all the remain in play spells.  I had to drop the ancient steg to a regular steg to make the points work.  I think these changes are for the best.  The army is largely built and ready to get some games in.

Painting wise I still have to finish the first rank of temple guard.  When done I think I will paint a monster.  I figure it will make the most impact on how the army looks on the table top.  I'm also going to make an effort to change the list as little as possible so as to keep on track painting.

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